Grove's tips on natural skincare products, cleaning, and getting out the worst stains.

From eco-friendly feminine care product reviews to interviews with Grove scientists about how natural ingredients work, browse Grove's summer content that answers your great questions about eco-friendly and sustainable household products and brands.

Last Updated: July 14, 2021

Natural skincare, health, & beauty advice

Wondering about natural skincare routines, makeup, sexual wellness, and more?

Dive into these guides about the many, many skincare products and brands out there, reviews of popular items like Egyptian Magic and jade rollers, and interviews with experts about Grove's natural beauty products, sexual wellness items like period underwear, and supplements like Calm gummies to see how to use them.

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The real way to clean a yoga mat.

Trying to remember the last time you cleaned your yoga mat? Read below for Grove’s helpful (& natural) cleaning tips on how to clean a yoga mat.

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Grove's summer picks & tips

Cleaning tips from Grove experts

Natural hacks to remove tough stains

Mustard stain hacks

While mustard can be quite the beast, using our tips on how to get mustard out of clothes can be easily (and effectively) done! Read our guide to learn more.

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Deodorant stain hacks

Discover how to get deodorant stains out of shirts with these simple tips and natural solutions — no bleach required. You can thank us later.

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Paint stain hacks

Discover how to remove paint from clothes effectively. Learn which steps and natural materials are needed to save your favorite clothing items!

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Find more natural products with these buying guides

What is Grove Collaborative?

Did you know U.S. companies make 76 million pounds of plastic every day, but only 9% of plastic is recycled. At Grove, we think it's time to stop making plastic. Today, we're plastic neutral. By 2025, we'll be 100% plastic-free! Plus, everything sold at Grove is nontoxic, sustainabile, and cruelty-free.

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At Grove, we love gifts. With your first order, you can choose a free Mrs. Meyer's Cleaning Set or a Grove gift set.

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Ask an Expert: Tips & advice from the pros.

We're big believers in saving the planet with science — without sacrificing products' effectiveness. To break down how natural and sustainable products work, we're grilling our scientists, doctors, and fellows for Ask an Expert: Easy-to-understand primers on natural products.

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