Eco-Friendly Guides, Plastic-Free Tips & Sustainable Swaps

From how to clean the toughest areas of your home to to guides to reducing plastic waste to interviews with Grove scientists about natural ingredients, our articles help answer your most pressing questions about sustainable household products, personal care, and cleaning your home with natural ingredients.

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Sustainable Swaps

Spring Into a New Cleaning Routine

Mrs. Meyers products in a spring Grove Co. caddy with flowers and green leaves scattered on teal background.

Spring cleaning checklist: Your room-by-room guide.

After a long winter inside with messy kids and muddy pets, spring is a great time to take care of all those household chores you’ve been putting off. Need a hand? We’ve got a checklist of totally tackle-able tasks to make your home shine.

Child looking at parent cleaning items in kitchen sink

4 easy ways to clean a smelly garbage disposal, naturally.

Nasty, smelly stink coming from your kitchen sink? Try these 4 different ways to clean your garbage disposal — and the black rubber splash guard —naturally.

Discover Clean Beauty & Skincare

Rooted Beauty lineup of skincare products including micellar water

What is micellar water and what does it do?

What is micellar water, and how does one bottle do the job of a shelf full of beauty products? We answer all your questions about this French beauty secret.

Pai Rosehip Oil bottle with dropper leaning up against it

We tried it: How to use Pai Rosehip Oil.

Rosehip oil is packed with skin-brightening, glow-inducing benefits—but does it work? We sat down with a dermatologist to explore skincare’s new sweetheart before we tried it out.

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