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Tips and products to make your bathroom more eco-friendly.

Last Updated: December 16, 2021

From grooming to relaxing at the end of the day, you use your bathroom regularly. Learn some tips and find plastic-free reusable products you can add to your bathroom to make it more eco-friendly.

You use your bathroom every single day, but do you often think about the amount of single-use plastic products you use to start and end your day? Fortunately, going green (and saving some green in the process) is easy-peasy with just a few simple swaps.

Today, we’re turning the spotlight on the best eco-friendly bathroom products to incorporate into your daily routine. Learn how these simple swaps produce less waste and make your bathroom more sustainable.

Sustainable bathroom products create a more eco-friendly space

According to U.S. Pirg, the majority of Americans agree that recycling should be a priority. Unfortunately, less than 35 percent actually do recycle. That means that almost two-thirds of our household waste ends up in landfills!

Change isn’t always easy, but homeowners have become increasingly focused on making their kitchens more sustainable, from switching to products like reusable straws and reusable shopping bags to using eco-friendly kitchen cleaners and starting a compost pile or using a compost bin.

There are plenty of ways to make your bathroom more eco-friendly, too, whether it involves sustainable personal care products or earth- and human-friendly bathroom cleaners.

Here’s a list of some highly rated products to green up your bathroom.

5 reusable eco-friendly bathroom products you’ve probably heard of

4. Organic cotton balls and reusable cotton pads

Luxuriously soft and gentle enough for the entire family, organic cotton balls are farmed using eco-friendly methods that protect air and water purity. They’re hypoallergenic and safe enough for sensitive skin and all skin types.

Reusable cotton rounds are even more sustainable since you can wash and reuse them over and over, without ever throwing them away.

Image of Leaf Shave Plastic Free Razor

5. Plastic-free reusable razors and natural shaving cream

Want to know something quite scary — the Environmental Protection Agency once guessed that every year about two billion razors and razor blades get thrown away into landfills.

Also, did you know many shaving creams are packed with chemicals that harm your skin, like surfactants and propellants, just to get the product in a convenient-to-use can? It’s true — and if you don’t already use natural shaving products, we hope these little facts alone will make you want to switch over to more natural and sustainable shaving choices.

That’s why switching to reusable razors made with recycled plastic or without plastic at all and natural shaving creams help cut down on the landfill waste of hair removal.

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Why is green cleaning so important?

Angela Bell, Lead Grove Guide explains: “Green cleaning is important on many levels. Using cleaner and more natural ingredients in home cleaning products can be beneficial to our health and well-being and can also be gentler on the environment around us. Toxic chemicals can irritate skin and lungs and can end up finding their way into the environment through the air and down our drains. There is a misconception that green cleaning means sacrificing efficacy but this is certainly not the case with Grove’s products.”

7 eco-friendly bathroom swaps that will surprise you

Here are some bathroom decor and personal care products you might not have heard of. But, swapping them in for your single-use plastic products is easy and fun. Give one or all a try!

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1. Swap regular cotton swabs with a reusable one

Last Object has provided us with the first reusable cotton swab! The LastSwab provides an eco-friendly option to single-use cotton swabs without the negative environmental impact.

One LastSwab can be reused 1,000 times. LastSwab Basic was designed to help clean earwax. The Basic swab features bumpy tips made of medical TPE to help grip the wax. The ends are soft and gentle enough to use in the ear.

Simply use, wash and repeat!

2. Switch to refillable deodorant to reduce plastic waste

Get the same coverage you expect from your regular natural deodorant, without the plastic waste.

Refillable deodorant sets provide maximum protection against odors, and aluminum-free and baking-soda-free formulas help absorb wetness while being super-gentle on sensitive skin.

Image of Biodegradable Silk Floss Travel Sachets

3. Swap regular dental floss for silk floss

If you’re on the hunt for a great alternative to plastic-packed dental floss, biodegradable silk floss travel sachets won’t fail to impress. BPA-free and gluten-free, silk dental floss is entirely biodegradable and compostable.

Grove FAQ

Is showering eco-friendly?

According to North Arizona University, the average 10-minute shower uses around 18 gallons of water.

The best way to improve your carbon footprint when you’re showering is to take shorter, cooler showers whenever possible.

Image of Seedling by Grove Tree-Free Compostable Kitchen Wipes - 100% Bamboo

4. Swap regular wipes for eco-friendly bathroom wipes

When it’s time to clean the bathroom, swap out your regular wipes for eco-friendly compostable or biodegradable cleaning wipes. Tree-free, compostable cleaning wipes are often made from strong, absorbent bamboo fibers, which are more sustainable than tree-based wipes.

For the wipes you use on yourself, there are eco-friendly versions of those too!

Image of Kids Body Wash & Shampoo 2in1 Refill

5. Replace single-use containers with refillable options

Just think about the number of single-use shampoo, conditioner, soap, and lotion containers you use in the bathroom. Purchase reusable storage containers and soap dispensers that use soap refills to keep plastics out of the oceans and landfills.

Fresh Air Compostable Waste Bags

6. Swap bathroom trash bags with compostable trash bags

When you’re replacing your smaller trash bags in the bathroom or bedroom, look for compostable trash bags that break down in the environment. Unlike regular plastic trash bags, compostable trash bags won’t clog the landfills.

Learn more about Grove’s commitment to sustainability and plastic-free materials that support a more environmentally friendly planet!

Image of Sustain Menstrual Cup

7. Swap tampons and pads for a reusable menstrual cup or period underwear

A big source of waste happens around that time of month for people who get periods. Swapping to reusable options cuts down big-time on the bathroom waste you generate each month.

Read more about how to use menstrual cups and a real review from Grove writer Mackenzie on how Sustain’s Period Underwear worked for her.

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