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We Tried It: Real reviews on natural products

Last updated: August 16, 2021

What natural products are best? How do they work? Are they worth the money? We answer your questions in our reviews of eco-friendly, sustainable, and natural products from Grove. We tried it ... now which product will you try?

What we've tried, recently

Is squalane oil effective?

Plant-based squalane oil is touted as a highly hydrating, extra-gentle facial oil with anti-aging properties that make it a win for aging skin. Could it really be?

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Image of a woman putting on jeans over period panties.

What’s it like to use Sustain Period Panties?

Period products pollute the oceans and landfills and may set you back almost 20k over your lifetime. Is it time to swap out pads and tampons for period underwear?

We tried these sustainable swaps

Switching to natural lipstick.

How does natural lipstick compare to conventional lipstick? Can it survive meatloaf, mask-wearing, and making out? We tried it, and we’re here to report if natural lipstick holds up.

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Does Egyptian Magic work?

Does cult cream Egyptian Magic really do it all, from soothing chapped lips and cracked nips to treating scrapes and fading scars? We’re about to find out!

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How do jade rollers work?

Jade rolling feels good, looks pretty, and, as far as skincare routines go, is pretty low maintenance. But does it really prevent signs of aging and how do you actually do it?

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Tackle those every day stains

Image of a woman spraying stains on a child's clothes

Does natural stain remover spray really work?

Who’s not on the constant search for the tackle-anything stain remover? Stains are finicky beasts, which is why we wanted to see how Grove Co.’s natural stain remover actually performs. Here's the real review.

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