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Hamper Helper: How to tackle any laundry conundrum.

Last Updated: August 16, 2021

No laundry problem is too big or washing conundrum too perplexing with a little support from our Hamper Helper guides. From how to handle down pillows to the secret behind ridding athletic gear from any lingering funkiness, our tips and tricks will help make laundry day's toughest tasks a thing of the past.

What's fresh & new in Hamper Helper

How do laundry detergent sheets work?

Extra plastic from all our cleaning, detergent, and soap bottles bites Mama Earth in the butt. Learn about zero-waste laundry soap sheets and how they actually work from Lead Grove Guide Angela Bell.

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Learn about your laundry:

Laundry "how to's"

How to wash white clothes.

Wishing your favorite white shirt was actually white again? With our step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to wash white clothes to make them shine bright (and stay that way).

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How to wash down pillows.

Down and feather pillows are the pinnacle of luxury, but do you know how to care for them? You will, after you read this helpful guide.

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How to wash your sheets.

Washing your sheets once a week might seem like overkill — until you learn what’s lurking there. Make the chore easier with our guide.

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6 best fabric softeners.

We've pulled the top 6 fabric softeners determined by Grove members. Select from any on the list and get them delivered to your door!

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Ask an Expert: Tips & advice from the pros.

We're big believers in saving the planet with science — without sacrificing products' effectiveness. To break down how natural and sustainable products work, we're grilling our scientists, doctors, and fellows for Ask an Expert: Easy-to-understand primers on natural products.

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