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We Tried It: Hair Chalk for Kids

Last Updated: April 29, 2022

Kids love to express themselves — and what better way to show off their creativity than with a new hairdo? Grove writer Mackenzie Sanford tried out Fresh Monster Hair Chalk on a trio of tweens and told us how it went.

Hair chalk is a great alternative to semi-permanent hair dyes, especially for young kids who want to flex their self-expression. Don’t know what hair chalk is? I didn’t, either! So I grabbed my twelve-year-old cousin, two of her besties, and a box of Fresh Monster Hair Chalk to see what all the hype was about. Keep scrolling to see how the hair chalk fared on three different hair colors.

What is hair chalk?

an open package of Hair Coloring Chalk showing all the colors

Fresh Monster Hair Chalk is a temporary hair color that’s free of parabens, sulfates, and triclosan — it’s also vegan and hypoallergenic, making it a safe choice for kids of all ages. Use it as a fun outdoor activity on a hot summer day or to show off your kid’s team spirit for school events. Fresh Monster’s chalk comes in 12 shades and it’s made for all hair types and colors — yes, even dark hair!

It’s eco-friendly, too. A lot of hair chalks on the market come in plastic pens, but Fresh Monster’s chalk has a casing-free design, which means more color and less waste.

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How do you use Fresh Monster Hair Chalk?

spraying the hair before applying hair chalk

Spray it

Grab a spray bottle filled with plain ol’ tap water, and spray the hair you’re going to color — the trick is getting the hair a little damp, but not dripping wet. If the hair is too wet, the chalk dissolves with no color payoff.

Pro tip: We found that on dark hair, the chalk actually worked better when the hair was dry.

rubbing hair chalk into the hair

Rub it

Rub the chalk from roots to ends in a downward motion — rubbing up and down only tangles the hair. The girls preferred holding their hair taut like violin strings and applying the chalk that way.

Pro tip: If you’re trying to color longer hair, a hard surface like a piece of cardboard makes it easier to rub on the chalk.

a little girl with hair chalk in her hair giving the thumbs up

Ta da!

That’s it! Let the hair air dry if it’s wet. Fresh Monster suggests combing the strands for a muted look, but the girls liked the way their hair looked without brushing. When you’re ready to take the color out, simply wash it away with a good shampoo.

Pro tip: For longer-lasting effects, apply the chalk to damp hair, then blow dry it to seal the color in.

So, how’s it look?

a vivid red streak from hair chalk in a child's long black hair

Hair chalk on black hair

Ruby has black hair and, as you might guess, most of the colors didn’t show up. The white left a faint cast, and the pink only barely came through. We had the best luck with blue and red, both of which worked beautifully on her dark hair.

a child rubbing blue hair chalk into her brown hair

Hair chalk on brown hair

Serenity has light brown hair that used to be dyed red. We used bright green, blue, red, and hot pink on her hair, and they all showed up really well.

a child with blue and pink hair chalk in her blonde hair

Hair chalk on blonde hair

Olivia has blondish hair, and the colors were super vibrant on her — the blue and purple in particular came out nicely. Lighter shades, like yellow and white, didn’t show up at all.

Final thoughts

open box of Hair Coloring Chalk with chalk drawings on the cement

Fresh Monster Hair Chalk worked well on all three of my test subjects — it just took a bit of trial and error to figure out which colors worked best. The chalk was easy to use, and the girls had a ton of fun coloring each other’s hair — and drawing on the cement with the chalk afterwards.

Some reviews said the hair chalk was messy, but I was actually surprised at how chalk dust-free the process was. The girls’ hands definitely got covered in pigment, but it washed off easily with warm water and a little soap. Overall, I think this is a great product that kids — especially younger ones — would have a blast playing with.

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Fresh Monster Hair Chalk FAQ

How long does hair chalk last?

The hair chalk lasted all afternoon and rinsed out as soon as the girls showered. Blow drying the hair to set the color could help it last longer — but friction rubs the color out, so I wouldn’t count on it lasting overnight.

Does hair chalk damage your hair?

Fresh Monster Hair Chalk is non-toxic and gentle on hair. My only advice is to make sure you only rub in downward motions, because going back and forth on the hair strands creates a rat’s nest.

Does this chalk stain hair?

Nope! Fresh Monster Hair Chalk washes out completely in the shower with zero stains or chalky residue left behind.

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