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4 of the best glass spray bottles.

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Clearly glass spray bottles are the better option when it comes to choosing plastic or glass, but how can you decide which glass spray bottles are the ones you should buy. Did you know that the bottles you use for your cleaners may not be the same type you want to use for your essential oils or even as a watering bottle for your indoor gardening? That’s because particular bottles are better for certain things. If you need help determining which spray bottles you should stock up on for your household, have no fear, Grove Co. is here.

Explore our list of the best glass spray bottles out there, reviewed by actual Grove members, and see top bottle picks for essential oils like the Grove Co. Reusable Glass Room Spray Bottle or for your cleaning concentrates like the Grove Co. Reusable Cleaning Glass Spray Bottle - Twist & Slide, which can now be found in store at Target, as well as on Grove Collaborative.

This list of products was determined by ratings and reviews from Grove members.

1. Grove Co. Reusable Cleaning Glass Spray Bottle - Slide & Snap

product image

A Reusable Cleaning Glass Spray Bottle - Slide & Snap with a unique silicone sleeve that allows you to label what’s inside your bottle for customizing your cleaning routine. Plastic-free and crafted to be sustainably powerful for a healthy home and planet.

It’s designed with Grove Co. cleaning concentrates in mind, and it’s sustainably crafted …

16 oz
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2. Grove Co. Reusable Cleaning Glass Spray Bottle - Limited Edition - Earth Month Design

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Our signature Reusable Cleaning Glass Spray Bottle in a limited edition design to celebrate our planet during Earth Month, for use with plastic-free Earth Month Multi-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate.

    Spring is here and bringing a fresh start. Our limited edition collection of eco-friendly essentials reinvigorates …

16 oz
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3. Grove Co. Reusable Glass Cleaning Spray Bottle - With Silicone Sleeve

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Our signature plastic-eliminating Reusable Cleaning Spray Bottle, designed for our plastic-free cleaning concentrates.

Clean up without plastic-waste with our Reusable Cleaning Spray Bottle, designed for use with our plastic-free cleaning concentrates. Our durable glass alternative to single-use plastic cleaning …
16 Oz
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4. Grove Co. Reusable Glass Room Spray Bottle

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Our signature plastic-eliminating Reusable Room Spray Bottle for our Room Spray Concentrate.

Freshen your home with spritzes of natural fragrance and without plastic waste. Our Reusable Room Spray Bottles and plant-based Room Spray Concentrates offer a natural and sustainable alternative to room sprays that …
8 oz
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Can I use a spray glass bottle for essential oils?

Yes, you can definitely use a glass spray bottle for essential oils, and if you’re planning on using essential oils as your home’s go-to air freshener to lighten the air and the mood, we recommend mixing your scents in a clear glass spray bottle like this Grove Co. Reusable Glass Room Spray Bottle, or you can opt for this Grove Co. Glass Room Spray Bottle & Essential Oil Set and choose your favorite essential oil to go with your bottle.

You should always mix your essential oil in your bottle with water, and, before each use, shake it up a bit before you spray it. A good rule to go by is for every ounce of water you use, you can add about 10 essential oil drops, too. For other great uses for spray bottles, take a look at our best glass spray bottles list above.

Why use glass instead of plastic spray bottles?

Glass spray bottles are a much better option than plastic spray bottles. Although some plastic spray bottles can be recycled (only 9% of plastics actually get recycled even if you put them in your recycle bin), glass bottles can also be recycled when you’re done with them and they can be reused a lot longer than plastic ones. A huge negative about plastic bottles is they house toxic chemicals that could leak into the liquid you have inside, while glass spray bottles are usually BPA-free and chemical-free, so they’re a healthier option to use in your home, especially around pets and kids.

Some people may be hesitant at first to switch to using glass spray bottles (especially if they’ve been using plastic ones for a long time) because glass costs more than plastic. But, in the long run, glass is worth it as you can buy these bottles in bulk and save money up front. Plus, plastic also takes a toll on the environment, which is never a good thing. Glass is not only more reusable but more recyclable too.

How do you dismantle a reusable spray bottle?

The main reason you’d want to dismantle a reusable spray bottle is if it’s clogged and won’t spray any longer. With glass spray bottles for cleaning, most of the bottles can go right into the dishwasher, and then you can handwash the nozzle and sprayer.

If you find that your sprayer isn’t spraying as well as before, here’s what you can do:

  • First, try to soak the nozzle in a little white vinegar and water for a few minutes (and then rinse with water) to see if it unclogs your sprayer
  • If your sprayer still isn’t working, you can try taking it apart and using toothpicks in the sprayer and then reassembling it back together
  • If you still have no luck, you can try throwing the nozzle into boiling water to clear it out

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