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For the world we all call home.

We believe sustainable products can build a brighter, better future for everyone.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do

We envision a world where the products you use at home actually do good for human and environmental health. To make that vision a reality, we’re focused on three areas where we can make the greatest positive impact: Plastic, Trees, and Carbon.


Today: 100% plastic neutral

Up next: Plastic-free by 2025


Today: Reforestation supported by Seedling

Up next: 1 million trees planted by 2022


Today: Carbon neutral shipments & facilities

Up next: Reduce our entire footprint

Change starts at home — ours and yours

As a certified B Corp, our values exist as actions, not words. We’re committed to supporting our communities, reducing our impact, and leading the way to a healthier future. And we have a plan to get there.

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Grove is the first plastic neutral retailer in the world

This means that for every ounce of plastic you receive from Grove, we’ll divert the same amount of plastic from the ocean through our partners at Plastic Bank. Being plastic neutral is a large step toward our goal of being plastic-free by 2025.

We believe using plastic isn’t sustainable — period


100% Plastic Neutral

Up to 12 million tons of plastic enter the ocean every year (that's 24 billion pounds). At Grove, we want to be part of the solution, not the problem. As we move beyond plastic, our first step is to be plastic neutral. We’re the only retailer in the world where you can shop knowing that every purchase, no matter the brand or product, will not contribute to the world’s plastic problem.

Plastic-free by 2025

Over the next five years, we're removing plastic from every product we make and sell. We’re committed to rethinking our products, transitioning our packaging, and leading our industry with full transparency. To learn more, read our full plan to go plastic-free.


rePurpose Global

rePurpose Global is the world's first Plastic Credit Platform dedicated to helping people and companies take meaningful environmental action and go plastic neutral. rePurpose is helping companies finance and build one of the world’s largest plastic waste recovery platforms by supporting verified Impact Projects across three continents. To date, rePurpose has created environmental change for people across 26 countries and 100+ brands, while positively impacting over 9,500 marginalized workers and community members worldwide.

Plastic Bank

Plastic Bank® offers an internationally recognized solution to preventing ocean plastic pollution. They build ethical recycling ecosystems that support local residents in coastal communities, creating a regenerative society where plastic pollution is reintroduced into the global supply chain as Social Plastic®. Plastic Bank’s proprietary blockchain platform secures the entire transaction and enables full transparency, traceability, and rapid scalability.

5 Gyres

5 Gyres Institute is a leading global nonprofit organization in the fight against plastic pollution, with over 10 years of expertise in scientific research and engagement on plastic pollution issues.

Beyond Plastic: Tracking Our Progress

This report gives you a detailed look at the amount of plastic we use and sell today, and the actions we're taking to reduce those amounts. We also share our plan for becoming plastic-free over the next five years.

This is the first plastic report ever published in our industry. Happy sustainable reading!

View Plastic Scorecard

We believe reforestation is crucial for environmental health


On a Mission to Replant Forests

Seedling by Grove is our line of tree-free paper products made entirely from bamboo, a sustainable fiber. Not only does Seedling avoid deforestation, but the brand replants forests in the U.S. in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation.

1 Million Trees by 2022

We’re well on our way, with over 635,000 trees planted as of 2020. Over the next three years, we’re on track to plant one million trees, and once mature, these trees will sequester over 66 tons of carbon each year.


Arbor Day Foundation

The Arbor Day Foundation is the largest nonprofit membership organization dedicated to planting trees, with more than one million members, supporters, and valued partners. Their vision is to help others understand and use trees as a solution to many of the global issues we face today, including air quality, water quality, climate change, deforestation, and poverty.


Grove is a proud member of Canopy's Pack4Good network of brands committed to sourcing all forest-based fibers from recycled FSC sources by 2022. Our Responsible Paper, Packaging, and Fiber Policy outlines our goals to ensure that our supply chain is deforestation-free and never contributes to the loss of ancient and endangered forests.

Grove is also a partner of Palm Done Right. We are currently developing a responsible palm sourcing policy to ensure our products do not contribute to deforestation and other detrimental impacts on the environment.

We believe every business should drastically lower its carbon emissions


Carbon Neutral Shipping & Facilities

We offset the emissions generated by delivering every Grove shipment through projects that remove the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. We do this by supporting forest conservation, renewable energy, and waste-to-energy projects. In addition, all Grove facilities and offices are either powered by renewable energy purchased through local utility providers, or we support solar energy projects through the purchase of equivalent Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).

Setting Science Based Targets

Grove is committed to taking meaningful action on climate. In addition to the efforts we have made to neutralize key business activities, we have followed industry best practices to set Science Based Targets (SBTs) for our most direct emissions, Scope 1-2, with plans to include our broader value chain, Scope 3, in 2021. Working with Point380 to analyze our footprint, Grove's emissions for Scope 1-2 in 2019 equaled 1,124 MT CO2e (not including any REC or offset purchases). We remain on track to reach our SBT goal, and look forward to working with our suppliers to better understand our broader impact as a business next year. We will publish our complete footprint report this summer, which will include further detail on our energy usage by location, emissions and offset projects.


Native Energy

Native Energy is a leading carbon offset provider for both individuals and businesses. Their progressive carbon offset programs go beyond conventional emissions reduction to take a comprehensive approach to sustainability, incorporating regenerative agriculture, community benefits, and other systemic solutions.

Natural Capital Partners

Natural Capital Partners is harnessing the power of business to create a more sustainable world. Through a global network of projects, the company delivers the highest quality solutions which make real change possible: reducing carbon emissions, generating renewable energy, building resilience in supply chains, conserving and restoring forests and biodiversity, and improving health and livelihoods.

This is where sustainability comes home

Our Product Standards

Everything we sell at Grove has met our strict standards for non-toxicity, efficacy, and sustainability and is cruelty-free. As part of our efforts around transparency, Grove is a proud participant in the Chemical Footprint Project. We are constantly adding products that are plant-based and EWG Verified. We believe that human and environmental health go hand in hand — and we choose products based on this belief.

Grove Co. Brand

At Grove, we make our own line of household essentials that are equal parts healthy, effective, ethical, and beautiful. From just-add-water cleaning concentrates to plant-based soaps, our scientists are hard at work on innovations that are changing home and personal care.

Want to use less plastic? We're here for you.

Making great choices

People often ask us what they can do right now to make a difference. Here you’ll find some of our most sustainable products. These are easy ways to reduce your footprint at home. If you want to dig deeper, check out our guide to going plastic-free.

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