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Sustainability is the only future. And what we do now matters.

Grove is on a mission to transform the products you use at home into a force for good. That’s why we’re constantly creating and curating high-performance, planet-first products that minimize plastic waste, prevent deforestation, and reduce carbon emissions.

The world needs our help


Only 9% of plastic is recycled, no matter how much we put in our bins.1


In the last decade, the U.S. has lost nearly 4 million acres of natural forest.2


Current carbon emissions could increase temperatures up to 9°F by 2099.3

At Grove, we believe it’s time for consumer goods companies to start solving environmental crises (instead of creating them). That’s why we’re investing in products and initiatives like Grove Co. Tree-Free Paper and Beyond Plastic™, our plan to go 100% plastic-free by 2025.

Want to create positive change today? From rainforest conservation to household carbon offsets, the Environmental Impact Shop makes it easy to grow your impact.

Actions speak louder than words

Here’s what we’re doing today to support our communities, reduce our impact, and lead the way to a healthier future.

Today, every Grove purchase is plastic neutral
That means for every ounce of plastic you purchase (from every brand across our site) we collect the same amount of nature-bound plastic pollution in partnership with rePurpose Global. So far, Grove orders have removed nearly 10 million pounds of plastic from nature.

We’ll be 100% plastic free by 2025
We're removing plastic from every product we make and sell. We’re committed to rethinking our products, transitioning our packaging, and leading our industry with full transparency through our Plastic Scorecard.

We’re committed to protecting the world’s forests
That’s why we created Grove Co. Tree-Free Paper — made of 100% sustainably-grown, FSC®-certified, panda-friendly bamboo. Bamboo grows 20x faster than trees in northern forests,4 helping to prevent deforestation. Plus, its production into paper emits 30% less greenhouse emissions than virgin paper products.5

We’ve planted 1 million trees (and counting)
Grove Co. Tree-Free Paper helps to plant trees with every order in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation. Thanks to your support and sustainable choices, we’ve planted 1 million trees across the U.S. We couldn't be more proud of our community and the positive changes we create, together.

Reducing our footprint

We’re a CarbonNeutral® Certified company
We’ve teamed up with the experts at Natural Capital Partners and Optera to offset the carbon footprint of our direct emissions. That means we’re improving in-house efficiencies and offsetting unpreventable emissions by financing external renewable energy and forest conservation projects. These projects are nature-based, community-led, and independently verified to ensure the proper reduction of emissions — for a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

We’ll be net zero by 2030
We’re vigorously working with key partners to further reduce emissions in our supply chain and achieve our goal of net zero emissions by 2030.

See our progress

Every year, we release a Sustainability Report and Plastic Scorecard to show you Grove’s environmental impact by the numbers. From today’s solutions to tomorrow’s goals, dive into the details of how we’re taking action.

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A world where all choices are sustainable choices

We build revolutionary brands and products that never force you to choose between performance and sustainability.

Grove Co.

Discover our flagship home care brand. Sustainably powerful for a healthy home and planet.

Peach not plastic

Innovative hair, face, and body care designed to kick plastic out of the bathroom.

Good Fur

Pet grooming that treats fur like family with organic ingredients and 100% natural fragrances.

Beyond Plastic™

We’ll be 100% plastic-free by 2025. Make an impact today by ditching plastic waste.

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