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What is Grove Collaborative and how does it work?

Last Updated: July 13, 2024

At Grove, we believe a more sustainable future starts in your shopping cart. That’s why we create and curate planet-first everyday essentials that help you Go Beyond Plastic™.

We sweat the sustainable stuff so you don’t have to. Explore 200+ vetted brands for products that you (and Mother Earth) love. Every order ships carbon-neutral in 3-5 days and helps recover ocean-bound plastic. Even more, you can place an order without a subscription or choose to Subscribe and Save for automatic deliveries of your home’s essentials. Shopping with purpose starts here.

Everything we sell meets a higher standard — from ingredients to performance to packaging and environmental impact — so you can get great value without compromising your values.

Learn more about The Grove Standard of ingredient transparency, cruelty-free practices, and plastic neutrality here. Or keep reading to learn more about Grove’s free starter sets, our ingredients, and what we stand for as a company.

First, how do you get free Grove products?

Woman opening a Grove box full of products from dish soap to a box of tissues

With your first order of $29+, you will automatically receive a gift and can earn more when you add additional sustainable favorites to your cart. Just click “get started” up top.

Once you're an existing customer, you'll have the chance to earn a free gift with every order, based on how much is in your cart.

Our VIPs also get additional full-size gifts every season.

Grove Tip

How do you get free samples from Grove?

It’s easy! Just peruse our latest freebie offerings and add them to your cart when you check out. Simple!

So, how does Grove work?

Is Grove a monthly subscription?

While our monthly subscription option is our most popular choice, you can also opt for a new shipment of plant-healthy goodies every two, three, or six months.

Or you can choose no subscription frequency and ship your cart whenever works best for you.

Can you skip a month of Grove shipments?

Yes! If monthly shipments are too frequent for your household, you can change the frequency in your settings. You're also always able to change the date of your next order in your settings or right from your cart.

Through the Grove Collaborative app, you can customize your cart with exactly what your household needs — then, choose your order date and set reminders. That’s how you get the best natural cleaning products at your fingertips.

Grove Tip

Does Grove have an order minimum?

Scheduled shipments need to meet our $29 order minimum in order to process, but if you just need to ship one or two items (like the toilet paper you’re almost out of) there is no order minimum to click “Ship Now” and place your order.

What type of company is Grove Collaborative?

Smiling children are playing in a big Grove shipping box with Mom looking on

Grove Collaborative is a B Corp and PBC that specializes in eco-friendly, natural consumer goods with a focus on plastic neutrality.

While only representing brands that support our emphasis on good-for-you natural ingredients that help our planet thrive, we’re revolutionizing the way our customers clean their homes and take care of their bodies.

To put it plainly, we’re here to help you shop with purpose. Our goal for every Grove product is to provide a better option for the planet, with zero tradeoffs for you. If a product made with alternative materials doesn’t work as well for you, or if it isn’t affordable, we don’t consider that a win — plain and simple.

Everything you see on our site is formulated and chosen through a rigorous vetting process to ensure it lives up to our values. From everyday household cleaning supplies to hand soap refills for your bathroom, we've got planet-first solutions to help you Go Beyond Plastic™.

How is Grove changing the story of single-use plastic?

Today all Grove Collaborative orders are 100% plastic neutral. For every ounce of plastic we send you, we collect and recycle an ounce of nature and ocean-bound plastic waste in partnership with rePurpose Global

We are working hard to reduce single-use plastic in our products. We're even keeping track of our efforts publicly with our Plastic Scorecard.

Close-up of trees overlooking a large forest with hills in the background

Is Grove actually sustainable?

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We envision a world where the products you use at home actually do good for human and environmental health.

To make that vision a reality, we’re focused on three areas where we can make the greatest positive impact: Plastic, trees, and carbon. As a certified B Corp, our values exist as actions, not words. We’re committed to supporting our communities, reducing our impact, and leading the way to a healthier future. And we have a plan to get there—take a look at our sustainability page to see how we're doing.

Is Grove Collaborative all natural?

We pride ourselves on only promoting products with ingredients that align with our values of sustainability and the overall health of you and your household. That’s why all our products have naturally-sourced ingredients whenever possible.

If there’s something in there that is literally impossible to obtain naturally, we’ll be upfront about it and why we allowed it on our site — so you can make an informed decision.

Is Grove Collaborative greenwashed?

Grove (and other companies who are not greenwashing) actually provide backup to their claims of organic, green, and eco-friendly products. Companies that are greenwashing won’t show you any tangible proof of their claims.

Many companies, especially those that are B Corporations like Grove, are actively doing the work to create better consumer products for the environment and helping to reduce and combat any plastic waste or pollution current products are creating. We believe honesty really is the best policy, so there won’t be any guesswork with us.

Does Grove Collaborative save you money?

Our products are engineered to last you longer than traditional ones, because the active ingredients work more efficiently than standard cleaning or personal care supplies (as seen in our natural cleaning concentrates, for example).

Please note that sustainably-produced and packaged products do cost a bit more than traditional ones, and this is due to a handful of factors. The higher costs of organic farming, ethical labor practices, processing costs, and environmental certifications all affect the price of sustainable and eco-friendly items. Think of this, however, as an investment toward your and your children’s future.

Plus, our refillable packaging options allow you to buy many products in bulk and fill them as needed. So, functionally speaking, Grove can save you money — if used the way nature intended. Our subscription packages also offer great options to help you attain your goal of a more sustainable home (including free gifts with every order) without breaking the bank.

Grove Tip

Are Grove and Mrs. Meyer's the same company?

Nope—but we're big fans of Mrs. Meyer's and everything they stand for. Like us, they’re determined to bring you cleaning products that are tough on grime while smelling amazing.

You’ll see us proudly featuring their detergents, room fresheners, and other goodies because they not only get the job done, but also transform your home with their natural scents.

Dive into Mrs. Meyer's and their unique scents here.

What are Grove products made of?

Hands pouring a refill pouch of Grove Gel Hand Soap into a clear soap dispenser

While each individual product may vary, you can trust with full confidence that anything with the Grove stamp of approval will feature naturally-sourced, nontoxic ingredients to help you feel your best.

Fragrances are plant-based, while active ingredients are gentle on your skin and tough on germs and dirt. And since we also believe in full transparency, rest assured that full ingredient lists are available at your fingertips.

To learn more about how we vet our products, read our Grove Standard.

Are Grove products non-toxic?

Yes! It's one of our core beliefs. If it’s toxic for you or poses any threat to the health of your family or the planet, you won’t find it on our (digital) shelves.

Rest assured that everything you see with our stamp of approval also lines up with your high standards—we just handled the heavy-lifting for you. We’re sticklers about having nontoxic ingredients, ingredient transparency, plant-based formulas, and being 100% cruelty-free while supporting ethical supply chains of sustainable materials.

Read more about our brand standards and see our values for yourself.

Are Grove products safe for pets?

Any products or pet treats marketed toward furry friends, as well as those found in our curated pet products section, will be safe. For example, we know that peppermint essential oils are toxic for pets and therefore won't allow any pet products with peppermint oils on our site. As for the rest of Grove's products that aren't pet-specific, many of them are, but it really depends on the product's ingredients. When in doubt, ask your veterinarian to give you the green light before you try anything new on your best friend.

Grove Tip

Does Target sell Grove?

Yes! Several of our bestselling Grove Co. products are now available in Target retail stores across the country. If you want to try something new or need a last-minute refill, pop into Target for easy access to Grove, same day.

Give Grove a try, and we’re confident you'll never go back to harsh, generic cleaners again.

What is Grove cleaning?

Flat lay of Grove caddy, glass spray bottles, sponges, and cleaning concentrate

Grove cleaning is a category of natural products on Grove Collaborative, specializing in keeping your home in pristine condition.

With resources like Clean Team how-to articles and natural cleaning products that actually work, we hope to provide you with what you need to make the switch to natural and get the most out of your products.

Do Grove cleaners disinfect?

Many of them do, but only if they're marked with specific disinfecting properties. One of the most popular products that falls under this category is our All-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner, which kills 99.9% of germs.

Other active ingredients like thymol will often be found in other great germ busters featured on our site. Even if other products don’t possess those properties, any kind of multi-purpose spray or wipe does remove dirt, bacteria, and general messes; however, they shouldn’t be relied on when trying to prevent a viral spread. Instead, we recommend using a combination of both kinds of cleaners, and staying vigilant to keep your family healthy.

Are Grove products antibacterial?

The FDA says antibacterial soap offers no additional protection vs. traditional hand soap and may be doing more harm to the environment than good for your hands. In fact, the FDA ruled that 19 ingredients common in antibacterial soaps could no longer be marketed to consumers because they’re no more effective than non-antibacterial soap, and may contribute to making bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

Given this information, and what we know about germs, we don’t prioritize the antibacterial labeling for our products. But that doesn’t mean they don’t still clean your hands thoroughly and safely — as they most certainly do.

Just ask the Grove customers who left rave reviews on our very own Hand and Dish Bar Soap.

To learn more about antibacterial hand soaps vs. natural hand soap, read our guide.

Grove Tip

How do you recycle Grove pouches?

For all plastic packaging, pouches, and tubes, Grove happily helps you recycle them. We will even accept those from our third-party partners!

Reach out to us at and our Grove Guides will email you a prepaid return label so you can return your empty plastics back to us.

Save them up and send us back more than one at a time for the most eco-friendly option.

Several of our partner brands also have their own packaging recycling programs as well through TerraCycle.

How do you cancel your subscription at Grove?

Is Grove hard to cancel?

We know that every household is different, and our flexible monthly shipments might not work for everyone.

If you'd prefer to opt out of our scheduled shipments, you can take care of that in the Membership section of your account settings. You can also still buy from Grove without a subscription.

And if you still decide you want to completely cancel you're Grove account, you can take care of that in the Membership section of your account settings, or by contacting our team of Grove Guides.

We'd be sad to see you go, but glad to have at least made you aware of all the ways you can live more sustainably in the future!

Can you cancel Grove after your first order?

You can cancel (or rejoin!) any time. And if you aren't loving your subscription order or your products, we want to make it right!

Contact customer service at, and we'll handle all the details for you.

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