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The 11 best bamboo products for the environment.

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Whether you live alone or have a large household to take care of, you may feel confused, worried, or disgusted when you hear about the toll plastic has taken (and still takes) on our planet. Plastic products are sold and routinely used every day, and the result is a lot of plastic pollution and an immense amount of clean up to to figure out how to do. But did you know bamboo products are a great alternative to plastic products? It’s true — you can find bamboo alternatives for your home that let you get your basic needs met, without making you feel guilty about your environmental impact.

A sustainable, Earth-friendly home starts with small swaps. Making the switch to bamboo products is a small step that can have a big effect. Plus, creating a greener atmosphere in your own home can help plant the seed in others who maysee how well it can work for both people and the planet.

This list of products was determined by ratings and reviews from Grove members.

1. Grove Co. Tree-Free Toilet Paper - 100% Bamboo

product image

Our new and improved 100% tree-free toilet paper in ultra mega rolls made from sustainable bamboo fibers with soft, strong, thick 3-ply sheets. Plastic-free and crafted to be sustainably powerful for a healthy home and planet.

Made of FSC-certified bamboo fibers, our tree-free toilet paper has 3 cushiony, …

1 Box
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2. Hamama Microgreens Grow Kit with Bamboo Frame

product image

An impressive way to grow your own greens at home packaged in a modern design, this Hamama Microgreens Grow Kit with Bamboo Frame needs only water to get going. Each of the included seed packets grows in just one week, so you can start enjoying fresh greens almost as quickly as you began growing them. This microgreens grow box makes a great gift, …

1 x Bamboo Frame + 1 x Microgreens Starter Kit
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3. Grove Co. Bamboo Prep Board

product image
Our prep board is made of 100% bamboo - a sustainable material that’s ultra-durable, easy on knives and naturally antibacterial. This space efficient yet mighty board makes easy work of everyday slicing, chopping and cutting.

Dimensions: 10.3in x 7.5in x 0.55in

1 Count
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4. Grove Co. Tree-Free Napkins - 100% Bamboo

product image

100% tree-free paper napkins made from sustainable bamboo fibers in soft, absorbent sheets. Plastic-free and crafted to be sustainably powerful for a healthy home and planet.

Made of FSC-certified bamboo fibers, our tree-free napkins offer softness with ultra-absorbent strength. Thoughtfully formulated with you …

200 napkins per box
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5. Cora Individually Wrapped Bamboo Body Cloths

product image

Stay fresh and clean even on the go with these Cora Individually Wrapped Bamboo Body Cloths. These Cora body wipes are hypoallergenic, paraben-free, sulfate-free, alcohol-free, dye-free, Leaping Bunny–certified, and made with 100-percent bamboo cloth. Plus, they’re infused with coconut oil, lavender essential oil, aloe vera, chamomile water, and …

18 Count
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6. Grove Co. Tree-Free Tissue Travel Packs - 100% Bamboo

product image

100% tree-free facial tissues made from sustainable bamboo fibers in strong, absorbent 3-ply sheets. Plastic-free and crafted to be sustainably powerful for a healthy home and planet.

    Made of FSC-certified bamboo fibers, our 3-ply tree-free tissues are strong and absorbent enough for the biggest sneezes to the …
8 Travel Packs
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7. PATCH Bamboo Compostable Activated Charcoal Adhesive Bandages

product image

A cut above the rest, these PATCH Bamboo Compostable Activated Charcoal Adhesive Bandages are biodegradable, compostable, hypoallergenic, plastic-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, triclosan-free, vegan, and never tested on animals. They’re made from 100% organic bamboo fiber, and the gauze is made with activated charcoal to help speed the heeling …

25 Ct
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8. Grove Co. Bamboo Soap Saver

product image
Give your soap a boost! Show your Grove Hydrating Bar Soap some love with our 100% bamboo soap saver that keeps your bar high and dry. Designed to raise your soap off of counters, showers and tubs to allow soap to dry quickly and last longer.

Shop our full collection of Hydrating Bar Soaps here.

Dimensions: 4 inches x 3 inches x 0.7 inches

1 count
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9. Soapbox Bamboo Strength & Body Conditioner

product image
Bamboo extract will help bring strength and body back to your hair. Packed with silica, bamboo will boost the strength of your hair with routine washing. Bamboo extract is also highly acclaimed for its moisture retention ability. Locking-in moisture will help increase your hair’s elasticity and encourage body back in your locks.

For every Soapbox …
16 oz
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10. Cora Resealable Bamboo Body Cloths

product image

Freshen up even when you’re not feeling that fresh with these Cora Resealable Bamboo Body Cloths. These Cora body cloths come in a resealable package, so they’re super easy to use at home during that time of the month or even when your body just needs a little recharge. They’re made from 100-percent bamboo, and they’re hypoallergenic, …

30 Count
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11. The Humble Co. Adult Bamboo Toothbrush - Soft

product image
The original that took the world by storm.

Cleans just as well as a plastic toothbrush but made from mother earth’s best invention, bamboo. Equipped with the highest quality nylon bristles to ensure dentist-approved results, this iconic toothbrush has to date sold in excess of 35 million pieces.

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Are bamboo products good for the environment?

Yes, bamboo products are great for the environment. Unlike plastic, bamboo is a natural material that’s highly renewable, and it can biodegrade much faster than plastic, too. From eco-friendly alternatives such as bamboo cutting boards and bamboo toothbrushes (and even bamboo paper towels), high-quality bamboo substitutes are effective, cost-efficient, and products Grove is proud to offer.

Here are some other great reasons why bamboo is the planet’s dream come true:

  • Bamboo grows naturally and is pest-resistant, so it’s also chemical-free
  • Bamboo is also long-lasting and durable
  • Bamboo is much easier to recycle or compost than some other materials (particularly plastic)
  • Bamboo can actually get rid of certain toxins from soil as it grows
  • Not only does it emit oxygen four times more effectively than wood, but bamboo also grows much faster than hardwoods, too
  • Bamboo products help deforestation because bamboo isn’t uprooted like wood is during the harvesting process

Just remember when you’re doing your shopping and replenishing items in your home, you could say (in the case of bamboo products), the grass really is greener on the other side.

How should I dispose of bamboo products?

When it comes time to replace your favorite bamboo products, you may be wondering what’s the best way to dispose of them so you don’t create more waste — you know, the reason you swapped to bamboo products in the first place. Check out these key ways to say bye-bye to bamboo.

Bamboo-only products

If your product is made from bamboo and nothing else, you can compost it. For these items, you can break them down into smaller pieces and drop them into your own compost pile or even the soil in your garden. Keep in mind bamboo does take quite some time to compost down, so you may choose to take it to a commercial compost in your city or town instead.

Bamboo products that feature parts made from other materials

If your product features material other than bamboo — for example, a bamboo toothbrush — you can remove those materials (like the brush’s bristles) before you compost it or turn it in for composting.

Looking for a commercial composting center near you? No problem — there are a few ways you can find one. Here are a few options to try:

  • Call your local trash collector and ask if they provide this service
  • Call your city or town’s government office and ask for information
  • Post on local social media sites asking for recommendations

Should I reuse bamboo paper towels?

Here’s the coolest part about bamboo paper towels — they can be (and should be) reused. Our Seedling by Grove Tree-Free 2-Ply Paper Towels - 100% Bamboo can actually be reused for up to one week, which gives you so many more uses than regular paper towels. Just use ‘em, clean ‘em, and use ‘em again — it’s that simple.

You can either wash your bamboo paper towels by hand or in your washing machine, and then air dry them afterward. Handwashing and air drying will preserve your bamboo paper towels longer, giving you more for your money, too.

Other benefits for using bamboo paper towels is that they’re more durable, plus, they’re made without harsh chemicals like chlorine, which many traditional, white-colored paper towels have. They’re also great for the environment, which, to us, is the biggest bonus of all. By reusing bamboo paper towels in your home, you’ll help save so many trees.

What is Grove Collaborative?

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