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We tried it: Switching to reusable food storage.

Last Updated: May 13, 2021

Grove writer, Carly Reynolds, discovered three durable and sustainable food storage solutions that will help you minimize waste while maintaining convenience. But which one was her favorite?

Reusable storage bags are all about enjoying the convenience of the classic zipper bag without filling our landfills with single-use plastics. These thoughtfully designed bags provide the same size and convenience options as plastic bags, but in a durable design you can reuse instead of throwing away. Plus, wax wraps are a nice, new, reusable, and sustainable alternative to plastic wrap too.

As a busy sports mom of three, I love the idea of convenience, and as someone concerned for the environment, I love that I can have the convenience of plastic bags without contributing so much plastic waste to the landfill.

The reusable food storage solutions I tried were the Stasher, Grove’s Reusable Storage Bags, and Bee’s Wrap Food Wrap. Was the sustainability factor enough to get me to make the switch to reusable plastic bags? You’re about to find out!

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The skinny on the Stasher

The claim: Cook it, freeze it, store it

The Stasher is supposed to be the end-all and be-all remedy to all your food storage woes.The large size means you can easily load it up with prepped ingredients or all of your leftovers.

The plastic-free design is microwave-safe, sous vide-ready, dishwasher-safe, freezer-friendly, and oven-strong.

The strong zipper and gusseted bottom allow the bag to stand up in the refrigerator, microwave, or oven. Best of all, it claims to be endlessly reusable.

Photo of spinach in Stasher food storage bag

The experience: Putting the Stasher to the test

I speak from experience when I say the Stasher is not an on-the-go solution. This heavy-duty bag is specifically designed for use at home, for storing leftovers, fresh ingredients, and other foods.

So after stocking up on a bulk order of spinach, I loaded up the bag with half of it to freeze for later, and the thick structure kept its shape without putting pressure on or crushing the leaves. I also used the Stasher bag a few times to store dinner leftovers — one of my favorite features is that you can remove the bag from the refrigerator or freezer and stick it right in the microwave to defrost or reheat the food.

First impressions

This puppy is thick and incredibly sturdy. The wide base allows the Stasher to stand up without fear of tipping over and spilling. You can feel the zipper close, so you know that air isn't getting in or out.


I haven’t tried all of the uses listed — and I may never try the sous vide method — but that doesn't mean that I didn't find some great uses for this heavy-duty bag. It’s dishwasher safe and stands up on the top rack.

Blue thumbs up illustration

The verdict: Will the Stasher get stashed?

So after using the Stasher will it become a new favorite in my rotation, or is it destined to be stashed in the back of the cabinet? Not a chance.

The Stasher will become a regular part of my leftovers routine. I particularly like it for storing liquids because of its structured base. I foresee using it to freeze extra homemade marinara, stews, and even salads.

Using the Grove Co. reusable storage bags

Photo of Grove reusable bags in lemon print

The claim: An essential storage trio

The three-pack of Grove Co.’s BPA-free, reusable storage bags claims they’re an essential part of your daily routine, featuring leak-proof, easy-to-clean designs that keep your foods nice and fresh.

What you get: This set included one very large bag, one sandwich bag, and one snack-sized bag. The large bag and the snack bag feature a gusseted base that allows them to stand up. The sandwich bag is a flat design.

The experience: So many sizes, so many uses

Of all three products I tried, Grove’s own plastic bags have to be my favorites. They may not be as thick as the Stasher, but I used these bags a ton over two weeks, and they had no problems holding up to everything I threw their way.

Reusable sandwich bags

The sandwich bag and the snack bag have become two favorite items for my kids in their lunches. They’ve even been good about not throwing them away.

Let’s be totally honest though — they weren’t very good about throwing away the one-use baggies either, preferring to just leave them in their lunch boxes for me to deal with.

Weekend snack bags

Our weekends and evenings are fully booked with sports. That on-the-go lifestyle means I am often taking a bunch of snacks with me to tide the kiddos over.

The largest bag in this three-pack is ideal for loading up with a variety of treats and then throwing in a tote bag. I never have to worry about spills and all the snacks stay nice and organized in my bag.


Big storage for fresh flavors

The largest bag is far too big to use in a lunch box, but I did discover another favorite use for it — I love dumping an entire bag of crackers or cereal into it!

This bag keeps these crunchy, snacky items fresh for much longer than the boxes they come in. Plus, I can see right through the bag, so I know when we’re getting low.

Blue sink illustration

Easy cleaning

At the end of the day, these bags will need cleaning, but it’s easy. I rinse the inside of the bags with natural dish soap and hot water and leave them upside down on my drying mat.

If I need to reuse them right away, a quick wipe down with a microfiber cloth gets them dry. It’s important to let them dry completely before putting any crunchy treats inside.

Photo of three Grove reusable food storage bags with snacks

The verdict: On-the-go must-haves

There’s no debating this one for me. The Grove Reusable Storage Bag Essentials Set is here to stay.

I have found that I’m reaching for these bags time and time again. I especially love the large one for loading up with snacks or gear and taking on the go. I have only scratched the surface of how many ways I can use these bags. I could see using them to organize toiletries in a suitcase, organizing items in a trunk or glove box, and housing essentials in the bottom of a busy, crowded purse.

Trying the Bee’s Wrap Food Wrap

Image of three Bee's Wrap wax wraps and cardboard packaging

The claim: They're the bee's knees for freshness

Bee’s Wrap Food Wraps are wax-coated fabric wrappers that claim to be an easy, sustainable alternative to sandwich bags, plastic wrap, and aluminum foil.

Photo of sandwich wrapped in Bee's Wrap resuable beeswax wrap

The experience: What's all the buzz about?

I had a teen who was very enthusiastic about helping me out with these fun lunchbox alternatives, using them to wrap up her peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The generous size of the sandwich wrap made it very easy to cover up the sandwich completely, and a little button closure keeps it shut. But when my daughter got home, she reported that her sandwich tasted like wax, and the wrap made her hands sticky.

The wraps work well for covering bowls before putting them in the fridge, though. Just don’t let the Bee’s Wrap get too warm in your hands, or you’ll end up with waxy fingers.

Blue thumbs down illustration

The verdict: Will it be the axe for the wax?

I wanted so much to love the beeswax sandwich wraps, which would make it so easy to pack my kids’ sandwiches each day. But alas, they’re not kid-approved, although I’ll still use them for covering dishes and perhaps other things … but packing school lunches won't be one of them.

All in all, I don’t think it would be too tough to switch to reusable plastic bags and do away with the one-use numbers. It’ll take a bit of an investment at the outset, but I can see how it’ll save me money in the long run.

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About the author: Carly Reynolds is a writer and a mom of three, trying hard to keep everyone clean and clothed. She's been writing for Grove since 2020.

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