We tried it: Little Moon Essentials Aromatherapy Sprays.

Last Updated: February 16, 2022

Looking for a new way to start and end your day? Do aromatherapy sprays live up to the hype? We tried it and are sharing the verdict on whether or not this zen trend is worth the spend.

By Angelina Singer

One thing you should know about me is that I’m a chronic night owl workaholic. While sleep doesn’t particularly elude me, I do need to improve my self-care habits. It’s not totally my fault I’m just naturally wired to stay up super late cranking out my best writing at midnight or later.

But over time, I’ve recognized these patterns probably won’t be the most sustainable. You know, if I hope to have any semblance of a social life or time to myself, I might want to get my to-dos done a lot earlier in the day.

So the big-ticket question is this: Can aromatherapy help me reign in my schedule? That’s why I set out to put two Little Moon Essentials home aromatherapy sprays to the test.

The claim: Little Moon Essentials aromatherapy sprays help you go to sleep and wake up refreshed

Essential oils and natural plant extracts are the stars of this feel good/smell good product line. Eucalyptus oil, chamomile, and lavender oil are the main characters bringing you peace and calm in an increasingly loud and hectic world.

I tried two sprays from Little Moon Essentials: Sleep Comes Easy and Tired Old Ass. Both sprays are completely vegan and made in the USA, which is an added benefit I enjoyed when spritzing these around my home. They are also cruelty-free and made from 100% natural ingredients—so I really felt good about indulging in a little spa treatment for my sleep and wake cycles.

I also loved trying the set of these two sprays because they work together—as the yin and yang of your sleep cycle, they seek to bring balance and harmony to your world.

The Sleep Comes Easy aromatherapy spray is meant to be sprayed on your bedding or pajamas—really anywhere close to you that will help you get some solid shut-eye. Conversely, the Tired Old Ass aromatherapy spray is meant to be sprayed right on your face to give you that much-needed burst of energy to get your day going.

How I used the Sleep Comes Easy Mist

Since I’ve never really had trouble falling asleep, this isn’t something I was necessarily able to detect any real difference with. But I loved the sensory experiences of falling into a fresh and clean sleepy cocoon of lavender frankincense freshness.

My only critique of this product was that the scent doesn’t last as long as I would personally like. I would basically douse my bed sheets and pillow with maybe 10 sprays immediately before tucking myself in, but only notice the scent of it for maybe a couple minutes. So after maybe 3-4 nights, it was super enjoyable, but just not quite as long-lasting as one might hope.

Then again, I don’t think that affects its functionality, because it’s still just enough to get you to breathe and relax, if even for a moment, and start your bedtime routine. Sleep Comes Easy aromatherapy spray offers you the chance to refocus and remember how important it is to recharge after a long day. It’s a sensory treat that will calm your nervous system while melting away the day in a tantalizing aura of calm.

How I used Tired Old Ass Energizing Spray

Unlike falling asleep, getting up in the morning is hard for me—even when I sleep in. I could blame that partially on my perpetually-busy brain that can’t settle down until 2am. Or maybe it’s the fact I make my own schedule most days. Regardless, the Tired Old Ass aromatherapy spray was a lifesaver for me!

I kept it on my nightstand so I could grab one solid spray right in my face when I woke up to get that much-needed jolt. Like most things in life, the hardest part of starting the day is often just actually starting. So if a product can make that a little bit easier, I am all for it. I especially appreciated the way the eucalyptus and rosemary oil contrasted the tones of the Sleep Comes Easy Mist. These two work together so seamlessly, you might argue they’re the twin flames of the aromatherapy mist world.

One of the days I was trying it, I had to get up on time for an in-person appointment, and this spray really saved my tired old ass (see what I did there). Usually, I’d slog my way out of bed in the hopes that sometime in between brushing my teeth and pulling on my skinny jeans, I’d reap the benefits of the energy I was supposed to be storing up all night. That system is shoddy at best, so I found that the Tired Old Ass spray let me skip that step. One quick spray to the face launched me right into my day, more or less freed from the crusty fingers of the sandman—arriving where I had to be on time. So I’d call that a solid win!

Out of the two, the Tired Old Ass aromatherapy spray was more effective for me personally, but it really depends on which part of your day is giving you the most trouble. If you have trouble sleeping, the Sleep Comes Easy very well might be your favorite aromatherapy blend.

The verdict: Are Little Moon Essentials aromatherapy sprays worth it?

While I enjoyed both, I will admit Tired Old Ass took the cake for me (and not just because of its hilarious name). According to the directions on the bottle, it can even be used as part of your morning routine after shaving or after exercising—which also appeals to me! Few things are better than washing off the remains of a sweaty workout and then spritzing on something pretty to freshen your senses and add the finishing touches to your glow.

These aromatherapy sprays are equal parts functional and fun. Having studied a bit of functional medicine myself as a pet project, and knowing full well how sensory experiences can deeply affect both mental and physical health, I appreciated the chance to unwind and start fresh with these products.

So, does aromatherapy work?

Like most alternative and holistic treatments, I believe aromatherapy works as long as you believe. I’m not trying to go all Peter Pan here on your Tired Old Ass or anything—but there is something to be said about the way mindset affects outcomes.

That’s not to say that there aren’t tangible benefits of aromatherapy sprays, but if you’re not open to the idea and don’t take the time to settle yourself and breathe it in, you just won’t see true results.

Like anything new, I recommend keeping an open mind with it and enjoying the process. Let the delicious notes of lemon oil, bergamot, and coriander lull you to sleep before the eucalyptus and rosemary snap you right out of it, launching you into your most successful day yet.

About the author: Angelina Singer

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