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9 tips to naturally clean your dog’s ears & teeth too.

Last Updated: October 19, 2021

How do you really brush your dog’s teeth? Well, it’s not easy -- but we’ve got tips for brushing teeth and cleaning ears with the best natural pet products that actually do the job.

Maintaining the health and cleanliness of your pup doesn’t stop at a bath and nail clipping from the groomer. Coupled with a regular grooming schedule, cleaning your dog’s ears and brushing their teeth are extra treatments you can actually easily do -- with a little help from some top natural pet brands and products.

Like children, we want to give our pets the best. From medication to flea treatments and hygiene, opt for the natural, safe, vet-approved options!

Have a look below on how to use the perfect product to get the intimidating jobs of teeth and ear cleaning done.

Grove Tip

But, first, how often should you bathe your dog?

Depending on your dog’s coat, how often they’re rolling in mud, and other smell and dirt factors, most dogs need a bath about every four to six weeks.

Another reason to bathe your dog only once a month (or every other month) is if there are allergy-prone people in the home. For people with an animal allergy, the allergy isn’t to the pet itself, it is to the dander.

Dander is dead skin cells your dog can have in their fur and shed around the home. Ironically, over-bathing will dry out your dog’s skin and produce more dander. You can keep dander under control in your home between dog baths with these natural cleaning supplies.

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How to clean a dog’s ears

Dog owners should often check their dog’s ears, especially breeds who are more likely to need ear cleanings (like cocker spaniels and basset hounds). Like humans, dogs’ ears clean themselves out, producing a yellow to light brown substance.

To avoid the buildup and ear infections, take a look in your dog’s ears every week, and clean them out at home as needed.

The goal of dog ear cleaners is to dislodge debris that gets stuck inside the ear. Dogs usually don’t love ear cleaning, but we have a few tips to follow to keep your dog comfortable while getting the job done.

What you’ll need to clean a dog’s ears:

5 Tips for cleaning your dog’s ears naturally

Make the process easy by preparing your supplies and choosing ear cleaning products you can trust. We love the kin+kind Leave-In Organic Dog Ear Cleaner. This ear cleaner is effective and, most importantly, is vet-approved!

Grove member Angie T. loves it too. She writes “Ever since having to go half kibble and only half raw my dog has suffered with chronic ear inflammation and infections and my vet has her on a medicated ear wash twice a week. My poor girl would cry every time I used it and still have inflammation and redness... I switched over to this ear cleanser and we both love it!!! She comes right to me when I grab the bottle, no crying or trying to get away, the inflammation and redness is completely gone!!!”

Grab it and follow the steps below for clean dog ears.

1. Prepare your supplies and wait for a time your dog is calm.

2. Distract your dog with a dog treat or toy.

3. Apply ear cleaning solution without touching the applicator to the ear, and do not go further than the depth of one knuckle into the ear.

4. Let your dog shake.

Depending on the solution, you may need to absorb the excess from the ear canal witha washcloth—kin+kind cuts out this step as a leave-in solution.

Grove Tip

What can’t you use to clean a dog’s ears

Beware of harsh chemicals and other treatments that can be harmful to your dog. Do not use everyday household products like vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to clean your dog’s ears.

How to brush a dog’s teeth

Next are your pup’s pearly whites! Yes, even your dog needs to practice dental hygiene. Brushing your dog’s teeth can prevent disease and plaque build-up and take care of the funky breath.

What you’ll need to brush a dog’s teeth:

4 tips to brush your dog’s teeth naturally

Add tooth brushing into the routine slowly, and get your dog used to you touching their mouth.

Opt for a finger toothbrush for easier access and a more comfortable feeling for your dog.

Use your pup’s favorite flavor, vet-approved tooth gel.

Wear gloves and wash hands before and after putting fingers in the dog’s mouth.

For a little more help, watch this video from American Kennel Club Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Jerry Klein, who suggests a 1–2 minute routine most days but recommends using additional products like dental sticks.

Grove Tip

How to clean your dog’s teeth and mouth without brushing

If your dog hates brushing, try using dental sticks like A Cluck A Day Probiotic Dental Stick. These treats keep your dog’s mouth fresh and support digestion and gut health!

Similarly, Oxyfresh Pet Water Additive is a simple way to support dental health by adding a capful to their water bowl.

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