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5 best biodegradable dog waste bags.

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Doggy bags are an essential item for any responsible pup owner. Of course, we’re not talking about diner carry-out bags for taking leftover food home to your pet. We mean dog poop bags, specifically designed to scoop up dog doo from sidewalks, dirt trails, backyards, and dog parks.

Grove’s collection of nontoxic dog poop bags are made to lock in odors and hold a heavy load without ripping open. The most sustainable are biodegradable pet waste bags like these BioBag Pet Waste Compost Bags Rolls. These compostable dog poop bags are made with resin derived from plant starches, vegetable oils, and compostable polymers. Other planet-friendly products contain ingredients that help the plastic bags break down, or biodegrade, faster.

Still using bags made of latex or synthetic plastics? Grove can help you make the switch to keeping these pollutants out of the trash. Check out our pet waste disposal suggestions for puppy parents, including an adjustable dog poop bag holder that clips onto your dog leash so you can easily dispense each bag.

This list of products was determined by ratings and reviews from Grove members.

1. Earth Rated Pet Waste Bags

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Don’t leave your pet’s waste all over the place. These Earth Rated Pet Waste Bags include eight rolls of 15 bags for a total of 120 pet waste bags. Use this pet waste bags refill pack with the Earth Rated Pet Bag Dispenser or on their own. Unlike other competitive pet waste bags, these bags are treated with a TDPA additive to help accelerate the …

120 Bags
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2. Earth Rated Pet Bag Dispenser

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Lightweight and easy to use, this Earth Rated Pet Bag Dispenser comes in handy when cleaning up the messes your dog leaves behind. Cute as a button, this small but mighty dispenser accommodates most standard-sized pet waste rolls and has an adjustable strap that allows you to attach it to any size leash. A screw-on top keeps bags secure while you …

1 x bag holder - 1 roll of bags (15qty)
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3. BioBag Pet Waste Compost Bags Rolls

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For on-the-go cleanup, these BioBag Pet Waste Compost Bags Rolls are super convenient to take with you on walks, on trips, and anywhere else the day takes you. These pet waste bags come in three rolls of 15 for a total of 45 bags. They’re made from 100-percent compostable plastic and are strong and dependable when it comes to picking up poo. Plus, …

3 x Rolls (15 Count)
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4. BioBag Pet Waste Bags

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Stress less when you have the materials to pick up your pet’s mess. These BioBag Pet Waste Bags are strong and dependable to hold pet waste from your backyard or even when you’re out exploring the trails. These pet waste bags are fragrance-free, and are never tested on animals. They’re also made from responsible packaging, so you know BioBag is …

50 Count
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5. Earth Rated Pet Waste Bags with Handles

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Here's the scoop on poop: Earth Rated Pet Waste Bags with Handles make it easy to clean and dispose of pet waste — worry-free and without the mess! These extra-strong pet waste bags offer maximum protection and promise a 100% leak-proof guarantee. The extra-wide mouth is great for cat litter scoops, too, and the easy-tie handles make it super …

120 bags
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How long do dog poop bags take to decompose?

The amount of time it takes for dog poop bags to decompose depends on the type of pet waste bags you use and how they’re disposed of. BPI-certified compostable dog poop bags, made of plant-based materials like vegetable starches and PBAT bioplastics, are designed to break down the fastest. Within 12 months at room temperature, 90% of the carbon within the material should degrade, meaning it converts into carbon dioxide (CO2).

On the other hand, pet waste bags containing the Totally Degradable Plastic Additive (TDPA) are not biodegradable. They allow for a smaller percentage of material to break down, but at a slower pace: about 60% degradation within 24 months.

Aside from the materials they’re made from, the rate at which your compostable or oxo-biodegradable dog poop bags break down also depends on environmental conditions, such as the amount of oxygen, heat, agitation, and moisture. These bags require anaerobic conditions (meaning the absence of free oxygen) in order to decompose properly.

Can you compost pet waste?

A typical dog eliminates roughly 275 pounds of poop per year, according to estimates from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which considers dog waste an environmental pollutant. That means dog feces are a health hazard for humans and other animals that rely on clean waterways polluted by waste that seeps into groundwater or washes off sidewalks into storm drains and streams.

Many people falsely believe that by refusing to pick up their pup’s excrement in a park or yard it simply becomes fertilizer for the dirt or grass. Far from it! Left to decompose on its own, dog doo not only becomes a stinky mess, but it also harbors germs and millions of bacteria, attracting disease-carrying flies and transmitting harmful parasites like roundworm.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), however, composting dog waste can be an effective way to destroy any pathogens. Add mature, or cured, dog waste compost as organic matter to potted plants, lawns, and garden beds. Just be sure not to use it to grow any crops, as even a trace of it isn’t healthy for human consumption.

How do you properly dispose of pet waste?

Many people wonder about how to properly dispose of pet waste. It may be tempting to leave whatever your pup deposits on the ground, but that practice is simply unsanitary. The true scoop on dog poop? Just one gram of this environmental pollutant typically contains 23 million bacteria, such as tapeworms, salmonella, and E. coli.

So what should you do with this unhealthy contaminant? In the right environment, micro-organisms will break down dog waste and create a nutrient-rich compost, which helps to improve soil structure (see above). An industrial composting environment may accelerate the decomposition process via controlled heat and moisture, but not all states and provinces have composting facilities or accept pet waste in the landfill.

Before you throw your compostable dog poop bags in the bin, check to see if they meet the EN13432 Home and Industrial standards for home composting or the ASTM D6400 standard for municipal composting. If you take the DIY route, make sure your compost heap is maintained at 75 degrees F; about 90% of the bag should break down in a year. Keep in mind that the carbon in the bag’s material converts into carbon dioxide (CO2) rather than turning into compost.

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