Laundry room shelves with wrinkle release spray and clothespins

How to Use Grove Co.’s Wrinkle Release Spray to Banish Wrinkles and Look Like You’ve Got Your Life Together

Last Updated: July 18, 2022

We tried our own Wrinkle Release Spray to see if its plant-based ingredients fought wrinkles and static build-up as good as the name-brand stuff.

I’m not the most put-together person in the world — and that’s okay. With age comes wisdom, and I know myself well enough at this point to realize that I will always mysteriously attract filth, and my hair will forever err on the side of ‘rat’s nest’ despite my best attempts to achieve ‘artfully disheveled.’

But sometimes, it’d be nice to look like I didn’t just pull my outfit out of a pile of clothes that’d been sitting in my laundry hamper since last Tuesday (even though I absolutely did).

As such, I was unable to deny the siren call of Grove Co.’s Wrinkle Releaser Spray. It claims to banish wrinkles without an iron, shower steam, clothes dryer, blow dryer, or any of the other tedious methods you resort to when you need to look nice, STAT. Because who has time to put their clothes away properly? Not I.

So I snagged myself a bottle and tried it out on my most neglected garments to see if I could really remove wrinkles without an iron. Will this spray give me renewed clearance to continue my slovenly ways? Let’s find out.

What is Grove Co. Wrinkle Releaser Spray?

The Grove Co. Wrinkle Releaser Spray uses botanically-based ingredients to condition and relax stiff, wrinkled fabric fibers so they flatten out. It’s like ironing without an iron — aka magic. It also helps prevent static build-up, while being free from harsh chemicals, parabens, and synthetic fragrances. I chose the lavender and rosemary scent, but it also comes in an unscented version if you don’t need to cover up eau de musty closet (like me).

Will the Wrinkle Releaser leave my clothes crunchy or musty?

Nope! All of my clothes were nice ‘n’ fluffy after using the spray. The Wrinkle Releaser is super conditioning and dries without leaving any sticky or crunchy residue behind. Plus, the delightful lavender and rosemary scent made my duds smell good — a very important detail if you find yourself having to wear something that should probably go in the washer instead of on your body.

How long does the Wrinkle Releaser Spray take to work?

Once you spray the fabric, it immediately starts to lubricate and flatten any pesky folds. The part that takes the longest is waiting for the fabric to dry, but none of the items I’ve used the spray on have taken more than 10 minutes to fully dry.

Are there any fabrics you shouldn’t use the Wrinkle Releaser on?

Grove Co.’s spray is safe for most fabrics, but they don’t recommend that you use it on silk, rayon, or 100% polyester fabrics. It’s always a good idea to patch test before you use the spray all over your clothes, regardless of what their fabric content is.

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How to use Grove Co. Wrinkle Releaser Spray

Step 1: Spray

Give the bottle a hearty shake before you use it, then spray it on the wrinkled areas of your clothes. I suggest doing this on a towel — or at the very least hanging the clothes on your shower rod so you don’t get your wall, floor, or “ironing” board wet.

Step 2: Pull

Once the wrinkles are damp, use your hands to pull the fabric straight. The wrinkles should be amenable to your ministrations and stay flat.

Step 3: Hang

If you didn’t hang your items on a shower rod, now’s the time to put them on a clothes hanger and place them somewhere to dry. I hung mine a door handle, but you do you.

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Wrinkle Releaser Spray before and after

On linen trousers

pair of linen pants before Wrinkle Releaser was used


pair of linen pants after Wrinkle Releaser was used



These 100% linen trousers are tres chic — but not when they’re so wrinkled they look like elephant skin. Perhaps if I hadn’t shoved them in a drawer and forgotten about them… but who am I kidding, I did it once — and I’ll do it again. The contrast between before and after is seriously impressive on these. You’d never be able to tell that they’d spent the last month lurking in the dark depths of my dresser drawers.

On a cotton blouse

a cotton blouse before Wrinkle Releaser was used on it


a cotton blouse after Wrinkle Releaser has been used on it.



I avoided wearing this shirt for a while because I was so embarrassed by how wrinkly it was — although not motivated enough by my shame to whip out the iron and fix it. The collar was all akimbo, and the hem on the bodice and sleeves were hella wonky for no reason. But a few squirts of Grove Co.’s Wrinkle Releaser Spray, and ta-da! I’m not saying it’s perfect, but it’s definitely better than it was before — the collar, especially. I can’t believe the spray got it to lay flat again, and it even smells amazing now. An iron could never!

On a rayon skirt

a rayon skirt before Wrinkle Releaser has been used on it.




I call this skirt “perma-wrinkled.” I even hang it in my closet like a good adult, but it wrinkles if I look at it wrong. In the after photo, I used the spray on the left side but not the right side so you could really see the difference — and what a difference it is!

A note about rayon: Grove Co.’s spray says not to use it on rayon, but you know me. I live on the edge. I didn’t have any issues using it on this skirt, but definitely do a patch test if you plan to de-wrinkle your rayon rags.

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