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Clean Team: How to clean your baseboards.

Last Updated: October 2, 2020

Imbue your home with that professionally cleaned look by giving your baseboards a once-over each month.

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One of the tricks to making your home look spic ‘n’ span is cleaning the things you don't always think about — like baseboards. The intricate detailing that makes baseboards so beautiful is also a dust and dirt magnet. Fortunately, there's an easy way to clean baseboards, and it doesn't need to be done all that frequently. When you're short on time, focus the cleaning on the highest-traffic areas of your home and the rooms guests use the most.

How do you clean baseboards?

Why should you clean your baseboards?

Dust is one of the top causes of allergies in any home, and it loves to accumulate on baseboards. As that dust piles up, it not only makes your baseboards look dingy and dirty, but it also damages the paint finish of the baseboards over time. With a little simple maintenance, you can reduce allergies in the home and keep your baseboards looking fresh and fabulous.

How often should you clean the baseboards?

The good news is, cleaning baseboards isn't a daily or even a weekly chore. You can simply add a little extra time to your cleaning schedule once a month to tackle those baseboards, and then forget about it for another month.

Daily cleaning tasks

Vacuum or sweep the shared spaces in the home.

Weekly cleaning tasks

Thoroughly vacuum and mop the whole house.

Monthly cleaning tasks

Once a month, add baseboard cleaning to your weekly vacuum and mopping task.

What’s the best way to clean baseboards?

How to clean baseboards: Step-by-step instructions

Step one: Vacuum

Before you even think about getting down on your hands and knees, start by vacuuming your baseboards with the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner. This will remove most of the dust and dirt without breaking your back.

Step two: Wipe down scuffs

After you've vacuumed them, the best way to clean baseboards is to go back over them with a microfiber cloth dampened by your favorite all-purpose cleaner or wood cleaner. This will pick up any caked-on dirt the vacuum missed, and it’ll give your baseboards that consistent clean. If the microfiber cloth doesn’t take care of scuffs, gently use a coconut scrubber sponge — but take care not to scratch the wood or remove any paint.

Step three: Guard against dust

Are you worried about remembering to clean your baseboards every month? Add a third step of wiping down your clean baseboards with a dryer sheet. The anti-static residue will help repel future dust and debris, keeping your baseboards looking clean for much longer.

Grove Tip

What is the best baseboard cleaner spray?

There's no need to get a special cleaning product just for your baseboards. We love using Method daily wood cleaner to clean baseboards, dining tables, bookshelves, and all your favorite wood pieces around the home. Plus, it comes in a convenient squirt bottle.

Baseboard cleaning tips & tricks

How do you clean stained wood baseboards?

If you have stained wood baseboards, make sure to use a cleaning product specifically designed for use on wood. Harsher cleansers could remove the waxed finish of the baseboards.

Do dryer sheets clean baseboards?

Dryer sheets won't actually clean your baseboard, but they will help keep them clean for longer. After you've cleaned your baseboards, wipe them with a dryer sheet to help repel dust and debris for longer.

How do you clean baseboards without kneeling?

If your knees can't hold up to getting down on the floor, you're in luck. There are many extension wand baseboard cleaners specifically designed to swipe over your baseboards while in a fully upright position.

How do you clean baseboards with a bad back or without bending over?

When a bad back is a concern, you can extend your reach in another way. Use a large rubber band to attach a microfiber cloth over the head of your broom. Spray it with a little cleanser, and swipe it across the baseboards.

Is there a tool to clean baseboards?

While you don't need a specific tool to clean baseboards, there are many available. These tools often have long arms and a head that's specifically designed to get into the grooves of the baseboards. If you do purchase one of these tools, they are great for cleaning crown molding as well!

Sustainability Tip

Find reusable cleaning staples

Cut down on cleaning waste by using a glass spray bottle and refilling the bottle with all-purpose concentrate. You can also trade out those paper towels for washable microfiber cloths.

Shop natural baseboard cleaners

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