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Grove’s step-by-step house-cleaning checklist — how and when to clean everything!

Last Updated: April 26, 2021

We, at Grove, love cleaning, especially with natural products. That’s why we’ve come up with a simple, but effective, cleaning checklist for your house (We use it, too!) that you can easily complete on cleaning day.

Cleaning your house is full of dusty unknowns and maybe even the occasional dark abyss you’re afraid to stick your hand into. But cleaning doesn’t have to be an ordeal if you don’t put it off! This step-by-step guide breaks it down for each room, with chores laid out in daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly categories so you’re cleaning smarter — not harder.

A clean, tidy house requires regular maintenance. If you’re the type who cleans only when you can no longer stand the dirt and clutter, you’re spending way more time than necessary on housekeeping — and you only get to enjoy it until it’s dirty again and the nagging “clean me!” whisperings start up, ruining your peace and quiet.

At Grove, we’re all about spending as little time cleaning as possible (Even though we love it!) — while still reaping the benefits of clean, orderly surroundings — hence, this helpful guide. We’ve tested this checklist to make sure it’s as easy and effective as possible — and that you won’t spend more time than normal on your cleaning day.

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How to clean your house fast (and like a pro)

We all shirk a chore or two on occasion — really, who wants to clean out the fridge or scrub the john after working all day? Unfortunately, there’s no getting around the fact that the number-one trick to cleaning your house quickly and efficiently — and keeping it that way — is to do a few small tasks each day, each week, and each month.

Once you get into the rhythm of things, you’ll be surprised at how fast you can bust through your chores and enjoy a clean house … most ... of the time. Keep reading to find our step-by-step house-cleaning checklist that will keep you on track on cleaning days and help you plan a few small tasks out so it doesn’t all fall on one glorious weekend day — those are for Netflix and rest.

How often should you clean your house?

If you love a clean house and can’t stand a mess, you should probably — and probably do — clean your house every day. But, if you’re like most people who have a million things they’d rather do than clean, you may wonder how often you really need to scrub the toilet or mop the living room floor. And, the answer is that it really depends on the size of your household, how messy the inhabitants are, and how much dust, dirt, and clutter you can tolerate.

But, to avoid reaching a high tolerance threshold and having to spend an entire weekend eyeballs deep in cleaning every inch of your filthy house, make a plan to stay on top of your household chores.

A house cleaning checklist for every part of your house

This handy house cleaning checklist will keep you ahead of the mess in the messiest rooms of your house, so you’re not left frantically hiding clutter and trying to deep-clean for last-minute company.

Cleaning the kitchen


  • Clean and put away dishes
  • Wipe down the sink, countertops, and stovetop
  • Sweep the floor, and spot-clean any spots
  • Take out the trash if it’s full


  • Throw out expired food from the fridge, and wipe down the interior
  • Dust the top of the fridge
  • Deep-clean the kitchen sink and garbage disposal
  • Clean out the microwave and toaster oven


Every three to six months:

Deep-clean the oven and the stovetop grates, descale the coffee maker, clean out the cupboards, and toss expired food from the freezer. And, if you’re looking for a more in-depth kitchen clean, take a look at our Ultimate Kitchen Cleaning Guide to learn more about the forgotten spots you’re not cleaning.

Cleaning the living room


  • Tidy up — take dishes to the kitchen and put away shoes, toys, etc.
  • Straighten and fluff throw blankets and pillows
  • Square up stacks of magazines and books


  • Dust and vacuum surfaces
  • Wipe down the coffee table with all-purpose cleaner
  • Clean glass (the TV, cabinets, mirrors) with a microfiber cloth


Every three to six months:

Vacuum and clean your upholstered furniture, beat and steam-clean your rugs, and move furniture out of the way so you can vacuum and mop underneath.

Have you ever wondered how to correctly clean your couch? We’ve got tips on how to clean different types of fabric and materials so your couch is spotless the next time you sit.

Cleaning the bedrooms


  • Make the beds
  • Put away any clothes left out, or toss them in the dirty laundry bin
  • Take water glasses and midnight snack bowls into the kitchen


  • Wash your sheets, pillowcases, and clothes
  • Gather up stray dishes and other items that don’t belong, and empty the trash
  • Dust and vacuum


  • Organize your closet and drawers
  • Vacuum thoroughly under and behind the bed and other furniture
  • Wash your comforter
  • Want to go further? Check out this ultimate bedroom cleaning guide to make sure you've covered it all.


Every three to six months:

Put seasonal clothing in storage, and give away items you no longer want. Clean your mattress, and wash your pillows if they’re washable — if not, put them outside in direct sunlight for a few hours.

Yes, you read correctly — we suggested cleaning your mattress. Did you know you actually can clean mattresses? Check out our breakdown of how to do it, naturally of course.

Cleaning the bathrooms


  • Make the beds
  • Put away any clothes left out, or toss them in the dirty laundry bin
  • Take water glasses and midnight snack bowls into the kitchen


  • Scrub the bathtub, sink, and toilet
  • Vacuum and mop
  • Take out the trash


  • Boil your toothbrushes
  • Wipe down the inside of the medicine cabinet, and clean the mirror
  • Remove hair from the shower drain, and toss empty bottles in the recycling


Every three to six months:

Remove soap scum and hard water build-up from the sink and shower, and wash the shower curtain and liner. Organize the drawers and medicine cabinet.

Or, if you’re looking for a more in-depth bathroom clean, take a look at our Ultimate Bathroom Cleaning Guide to learn more about the grimy spots you’re not cleaning.

What cleaning products do you need to clean a house?

You don’t need a cupboard full of industrial-grade cleaning supplies to get your house clean. A small collection of simple, eco-friendly cleaners and the right tools are all it takes.

The best natural cleaning products for a house

An all-purpose cleaner won’t kill germs, but it will clean just about everything that needs cleaning.

We’re not biased or anything … but we love this strong and effective multi-purpose cleaner concentrate in Grove’s twist & slide glass spray bottle. Not only is it plastic-free but it looks pretty too.

A disinfecting spray doesn’t have to be toxic to humans to kill bacteria and viruses — including COVID-19.

Our friends at Seventh Generation make one of our favorite natural disinfectant sprays in several different scents.

A powdered cleanser is a workhorse for cleaning the toilet, sinks, showers, and tub.

Bon Ami’s eco-friendly powder cleanser is a staple in our bathrooms on cleaning day.

A concentrated floor cleaner for hard floors doesn’t contain synthetic ingredients that can leave film and buildup on your floor.

Aunt Fannie’s Vinegar Wash Floor Cleaner naturally disinfects and sanitizes.

Laundry detergent and dish detergent end up in the environment and harm wildlife, so choose products that are non-toxic and biodegradable.

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The best cleaning tools for a house

Microfiber cloths remove germs and bacteria from your surfaces — including dishes — with just water.

When they’re dry, they’re great for dusting your entire home and safely cleaning your electronics.

A broom and dustpan make daily maintenance and occasional catastrophes easier.

A vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter for deeper cleaning will remove dust and allergens in your home.

A microfiber mop traps dirt and debris in its tiny fibers.

A pair of cleaning gloves is good to have on hand (ba-dum, cha!).

A cleaning checklist will help you stay on track with the daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly cleaning tasks that’ll ensure your home never gets out of hand.

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