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Behind the brand with Terra Beauty’s co-founders.

Last Updated: July 22, 2021

With a desire to honor their family history while maintaining a connection to the earth, the sisters behind the natural beauty brand Terra Beauty Products chat about the company’s dedication to using simple, effective, and efficacious ingredients.

Who owns Terra Beauty Bars?

Image of 4 women in black and white holding Terra Beauty products in hands

Born from a simple ethos and inspired by a familial connection to the land, Terra Beauty Products (formerly Terra Beauty Bars) is a Latina women-owned, clean beauty brand founded by three sisters and their mother.

Fernanda Gomes de Oliveira, Jasmine Gomes Martins, and Luana Gomes Cunha drew upon their mom Angela Dondoni Gomes’ roots of living on a farm in Brazil, where everything from the earth is utilized, for a more holistic and natural approach to beauty and wellness products.

“We wanted to go back to our roots, to where we came from, for inspiration — to where our mother came from,” said Terra Beauty co-founder Gomes de Oliveira. “[We wanted to] go back to simplistic ingredients that are good for you and also good for the earth.”

Terra Beauty Bars rose clay powder mask

Inspired by mother and earth

Naming their business Terra, Portuguese for “earth,” not only was an ode to the Gomes’ familial history, but also perfectly encapsulated the very foundation of the brand — utilizing ingredients that go from farm to skin, if you will.

Rather than using dozens of unnecessary, and potentially harmful, filler ingredients, the Gomes sisters committed to curating a line of products with a short and totally-pronounceable ingredients list.

“The whole goal behind Terra was to create a clean product that if you were to read the label you would understand what you're putting on your skin,” explained Gomes de Oliveira, “and that the product would not be full of 30 to 40 filler products that are just in there for whatever reason.”

An entrepreneurial dream team

In addition to being raised to think about and be mindful of how the earth nourishes the whole person, the Gomes sisters naturally gravitated toward the personal care and beauty industry. And how could they not when as young girls they would practice straightening their hair, perfecting their manicures, and concocting their own beauty products to apply on one another.

But beyond practicing playful formulation early on, the siblings were gifted with, what Gomes de Oliveira calls, “an entrepreneurial spirit.”

Before founding Terra in 2016, each of the sisters were well on their way to forming a powerhouse of a beauty brand dream team. Gomes de Oliveira was a U.S. veteran who also worked in marketing and branding for over a decade and was a consultant for several beauty brands, while Gomes Martins pursued a career as a licensed paramedical aesthetician, and Gomes Cunha mastered a profession in sales and finance.

So, given their varied talents and lifelong passions for the land and the beauty industry, it really was a no-brainer for the trio to create something of their own.

“Knowing that we wanted to create something together as a family, and to create something that we can have a legacy [with], while also putting something out there that is, you know, not only good for you but it's also helping the environment … we decided to take a chance and go after that,” Gomes de Oliveira explained.

And the results have been nothing short of wonderful.

Is Terra Beauty vegan and cruelty free?

Image of four Terra Beauty products

Yes! Since rolling out the flagship marble facial bar, with activated charcoal and Brazillian yellow clay, the PETA- and Leaping Bunny-certified brand has rolled out a thoughtful, yet impressive, lineup of award-winning hair, nail, and skincare products that perfectly tie together wellness, efficacy, simplicity, and innovation into one beautifully holistic package.

“At the end of the day, we're a diverse, female-owned group with a dream to create better-for-you hair, nail, and skincare products.” Gomes de Oliveira said. “We're super excited about what the future has in store, and we're super passionate about creating approachable, clean beauty products for the masses.”

4 gotta-have Terra Beauty products

Get back to basics with a few of the Gomes sisters’ can’t-live-without Terra products.

Photo of Terra Beauty Marble Activated Charcoal Facial Bar with Yellow Brazilian Clay

The OG bar: Marble Activated Charcoal Facial Bar with Yellow Brazilian Clay

All three sisters swear by the Marble Activated Charcoal Facial Bar with Yellow Brazilian Clay. The handmade facial cleanser deep cleans while also maintains the natural pH of your skin thanks to nourishing ingredients like coconut and avocado oils and shea butter.

Plus, the paraben- and sulfate-free bar uses a sweet-orange essential oil that not only smells great, but naturally brightens the appearance of skin.

Photo of Terra Beauty products

Super-soft skin: Super Hemp Lite Oil

For moisture-rich and hydrated skin, Terra’s Super Hemp Lite Oil is a must. The odor- and water-free concentrated, raw hemp oil is chock-full of omega-3, -6, and -9, and helps nourish skin for a more radiant glow.

Made from a non-psychoactive cannabis hemp seed oil (there’s absolutely no THC or CBD in it), this skin treatment is, according to Fernanda Gomes de Oliveira, “amazing!”

Photo of Terra Beauty Floral Infusion Multitasking Oil for Body + Hair

The do-it-all oil: Floral Infusion Multitasking Oil for Body + Hair

When it comes to the Floral Infusion Multitasking Oil for Body + Hair, one drop will have you hooked. Super absorbent and easy to apply, this waterless, vegan oil really is the multitasking powerhouse it claims to be.

In fact, all three sisters use it religiously on themselves and their children as a non-greasy moisturizer applied from head to toe. Luana Gomes Cunha even applied it to her baby bump for a stretch mark-free appearance.

Photo of Terra Nail Polish

Mani perfection: Terra Nail Polish

One of the newer items added to the lineup, and a surprise smash hit, Terra Beauty’s vegan Nail Polish is a gamechanger. Named a 2021 Glamour magazine beauty award winner, this nail polish is a 10-free product — meaning it’s free from the top 10 chemicals found in conventional polishes — and comes in a spectacular array of hues.

Swapping out polish colors and treating herself to a little at-home manicure has become a major part of Jasmine Gomes Martins’ self-care routine thanks to this product.


Is Terra Nail Polish vegan?

Yes! Terra Beauty Bars Nail Polish is vegan and cruelty free. Plus, each nail polish is 10-free, meaning it’s free of the 10 worst chemical ingredients found in most conventional nail polishes.

Learn more about nail polish and the harmful ingredients many non-natural polishes contain.

Image of Grove Co Hand Sanitizer bottle on cutting board with orange behind it

Bonus items with good, clean scents

While they might not be Terra products, the Gomes sisters also love a good clean scent and a germ-free environment, constantly lighting Mrs. Meyer’s Soy Candles around the office and slathering their hands in Grove’s Hand Sanitizers.

Self-care tips from Terra Beauty

The busy boss babes of Terra Beauty not only run a major clean beauty brand, but also are mamas to their littles at home.

The Gomes sisters filled us in on how they practice wellness outside the office for some well-deserved “me” time.

Fernanda: “Meditation and prayer is such a big thing for me and my wellness routine, and then also taking deep breaths and slowing down. That's a big thing! And taking care of the body. For me, this is exercising and putting the good foods in my body because it’s all connected.”

Jasmine: “For me it's a little different. I have three kids, so to keep myself sane and my body sane I like to eat some soup on the couch, with a cozy blanket, and watch a movie. If I'm feeling frantic or, you know, having anxiety, or even physically don't feel well, if I do those things, I am golden.”

Luana: “It’s the meditation and prayer time for me too, and then also just cleaning out my house. And at the end of the day, my bath time is really important because I just feel like that's where I unwind and get ready to sleep. I come out of the shower and I go in my bed, and I'm just like, ‘OK, I'm ready for the next day.’”

Mrs. Meyers cleaning products and Grove Co. cleaning caddy

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