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West Paw Dog Toys

West Paw Qwizl Zogoflex Dog Toy
"My son and daughter-in-law recently adopted a young homeless dog from a "no kill' shelter. My husband and I planned ahead to make her feel like part of the family due to her past history of abandonment and trauma, Our home and our son's home are just across the drive from one another. My son has has a 6-year-old daughter, a 4-year-old son, and a a 21-month-old daughter. All except the 6-year-old, must be accompanied by an adult to cross the drive between our homes, That made it easier for the puppy to be left behind and know she wasn't abandoned. The puppy may look out her living room window and watch her family until they enter our front door. My husband and I used items from The Grove Collective to introduce Puppy to us and our home as a good. First the 2 older children opened the organic vegetable and fruit snacks and fed a few to the puppy by hand, The baby gets shy when feeding snacks; she giggles and dances away because the doggy's kisses tickle her, This "WEST PAW QWIZL ZOGOFLEX DOG TOY has compartments in which treats may be stored for the dog to work at removing or in our case we may stick the dog treat with about 1/2 sticking out so the puppy and baby may play a quick round of snatch the treat, then dance in circles of joy and giggle in their own languages. Our dogs love the treats and playing with the toy. I highly recommend getting some for your best friend. Puppy will receive a refill pack of treats on Thanksgiving for being a "Good girl. Good dog." (For neither begging from the table nor taking food offered by the baby,) On Christmas her stocking will bulge at the seams with treats and toys, including those just reviewed." Linda H.
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