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SPF Skincare

Kari Gran Essentials Mini Kit
"I have rosacea so there at too many ingredients I can’t put on my face without having a horrible red, painful reaction. On top of that I am prone to adult acne AND have really dry skin. The dryness is worse in winter while my heater at home is on all the time. And that causes my rosacea to flare up as well. Finding a solution for that level of dryness without causing an irritation has proven nearly impossible. I love that this set allows me to sample these products in small sizes. At the price point it was a risk worth taking. I read through the list of ingredients for each product and ruled out any obvious irritants. I approached this methodically: Started with the serum only, and only on the left side of my face. I used it for 3 days. No issues, so I continued with full face application and added the mist. No issues after a few days so I added the sunscreen. So far so good, and I’m starting to see an improvement in moisture levels on my skin. Here’s the real surprise: I tried oil cleansing about a year ago and it broke me out like no other! I looked online and learned that a hot towel (warm in my case) to “steam off” the cleansing oil is critical for removing the oil to prevent clogged pores and breakouts. After 7 days of using only the other 3 products, I took a stab at the oil cleansing. My life is changed! Never did I ever expect that eliminating my gentle cleanser and replacing it with only using oils would resolve the moisture issue and CALM my rosacea! 🤯 Bonus: my evening routine has become such a self-love practice, where a massage my face while cleansing with oil, which I know is not only helping my skin but is totally helping my heart too. I will continue to use this serum moving forward. I like the feel of the sunscreen a lot too, and the fact that it only has physical spf is critical, as I’m allergic to the chemical spf. I don’t think I’ll continue with the mist - for the price of a full bottle I’m just not sure it does much 🤷🏻‍♀️ I will try another mist because I want to find something to help add light moisture throughout the day while I sit in a heated room, until summer is here. I will explore some other cleansing oils, again, for the sake of cost, now that I know how it works and am confident it’s a way between way to cleanse my face than washes. Love this brand!" anastasiya s.
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