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SmartyPits Aluminium-Free Deodorants

SmartyPits Pit Rebalancing Mask
""This seems so extra, why would I spend $8 on something else in addition to my already expensive natural deodorant," you're probably thinking. But. It's absolutely worth it. I've struggled with finding and being able to stick with a natural deodorant because they seem to stop working so quickly. I've used Schmidt's, Native, Tom's of Maine, etc. and I manage to get through a stick or two before I suddenly smell gross every day again. When I switched to SmartyPits a few months ago, I thought "what the heck, I'll give the pit mask a shot, too." I used it before switching the the new deodorant I'd bought, then have used it about once a month since. I don't have smell issues, I don't worry about if I'll smell all day, I don't even worry about smelling bad at the gym. It's like a reset for my armpits! I recently ran out of my SmartyPits in between Grove boxes, so I picked up an unscented Tom's stick at Trader Joe's because I had nothing else. It works again!! I'm amazed! If you're thinking of switching to natural deodorant, definitely pick one of these up and use it to help detox from the antiperspirant. If you're struggling with finding a natural deodorant that works or you're a die-hard natural deodorant user, pick one of these up. I promise you it's worth it. (Side note: I'm a graduate student and also have a job where I'm on my feet with kids, am at the gym most mornings, and spend lots of time outside. I've put this through the ringer and it really does work.)" Lindsay M.
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