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Rooted Beauty Repair & Revive Shampoo + Conditioner
"Summary: amazing smell, amazing shampoo. nourishes, repairs and doesn’t disturb your natural hair’s systems. The scent alone deserves 5 stars; it’s such a subtly sweet scent - Almost reminiscent of Awapuhi shampoos; fruity and nutty. Just lovely. I’ve been searching for a more gentle and natural shampoo for my textured, wavy/curly and dry hair and the search stops here. I couldn’t be happier with how soft it leaves my hair naturally. there is no fake, silky and shiny residue left behind like other shampoos I’ve used that feel temporarily better but then you’ve damaged your hair more inadvertently. This is different - my hair is genuinely soft and feels so good: The feeling that you have after a good natural hair mask. I just want to keep petting and touching it because I can’t believe it’s my hair. It suds a little less than most and at first I was worried my hair wasn’t getting thoroughly cleaned, as it still felt a smidge oily after the shower, (keep in mind my hair is generally pretty oily by the time I finally wash it as I try not to over wash and further damage) but as soon as my hair dries I’m recognizing it is only “just enough” of my natural oils remaining that keeps my hair soft and healthy. The additional nourishing elements and oils in the shampoo also make a huge difference I’m sure too. This shampoo does what I’ve expected dozens of expensive salon/stylist recommended shampoos I’ve tried to do but other have fallen short. The types where the stylist tells you you need to find one that cleans but doesn’t strip your hair of natural oils: THIS IS IT!!! Now I’m just praying they never stop making it! Thank you so much, Rooted Beauty & Grove!" Ingrid K.
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