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Finn Hip & Joint Supplement for Dogs
"That's right my senior dog, Romeo, just a few months ago could not use his back legs. The vet said his back end was weak and suggested arthritis as the cause. My buddy is 15 years old so I thought we were nearing the end of his life. I had to serve him his food and water in bed. Sometimes, he would try so hard to get up. I even bought him a harness that allowed me to raise his back end so he could go outside. Something told me he wasn't ready to leave me. I saw this product on the site when I ordered my monthly products and thought why not? The vet gave me his blessing so I ordered it. Why not??? Romeo was on this amazing supplement for about 1 and a half months when one day, he met me at the front door. I was shocked!!! This old dog who couldn't get out of bed was actually standing unassisted at the front door greeting me. He still has a slight limp in one back leg but that hasn't stopped him from getting around on his own or playfully rolling in the grass. My neighbors who watched me struggle with that harness to hold up his back end were absolutely amazed. They have all asked how this happened and what changed. One neighbor said he looked more alert as well. Many are trying this product on their own dogs. I told them to be patient and persistent. All I know is Romeo has a new lease on life. I am truly appreciative that I have been given more time with my old friend. Oh and by the way....Romeo is proudly wearing his regular harness nowadays!!" Shelagh H.
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