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Laundry Soap

Grove Co. Laundry Essentials Set
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"The reviews on the laundry soap dispenser had me worried but it works great! I think people are just used to using a lot of laundry soap and I used to too but when I started cloth diaper I learned that u only need a small amount of the non concentrated stuff and the soap designed for this is super concentrated so it works perfectly, if the reviews have u worried don't fret, my laundry is coming out the cleanest it ever has, it's gotten out stain that I thought it couldn't and most soaps wouldn't all with that tiny dispensed amount it also smells fantastic I live the natural essential oil scents I wanna try the citrus one next. And let me get into the laundry hamper, not literally though I probably could it's huge. First off giant, folds down easily, so easily that I thought it would never stand up I was disappointed when I opened the hamper I thought it was going to spring open but it didn't, but when I put laundry into it it just stayed upright like it had the sturdiness of the springy one, this was the product that surprised me the most I dunno how they did it but it folds when not in use on it's own and stands up when in use even with just a little load in it. Now the dryer balls, they seem like great quality i only had one other brand before these and their similar quality and my last ones lasted over a year but I bet groves last way longer cause their always surprising me lol. All in all this set is just amazing it has everything you need to up your laundry game." Carrie K.
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