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Laundry Pods

Grove Co. Ultimate Laundry Essentials Set with Detergent Packs
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"I will start with the pros. I love, love, LOVE the collapsible bag. In fact it has been used every day since we got it. It stands up when clothes are in it and it's so easy to store. I don't know, I may need to replace my laundry baskets with this. But we'll see how it smells after a few more uses and hand washes. The detergent works great! I love that it's natural and there's no residue left on my clothing. I'll be honest. I thought I was getting the liquid detergent. I guess that's what happens when you order and are half asleep lol. But really. The detergent is amazing. Now for the cons. Even though I loved the detergent, the fragrance is not strong enough for me. I purchased the Citrus and Woods because my husband can't stand anything lavender. I smelled the clothes out of the wash and there was no scent. That's my only complaint about the detergent. Next: Dryer balls. Great idea, but not for me. I put essential oil on them as it was suggested, but my clothes still didn't have a fragrance. Plus my clothes were not soft either. It's too bad I didn't get these separately so I could send them back. However, I'm glad I tried it! So going forward, I'll try the liquid free and clear detergent (since I have the dispenser) and find a good fabric softener that makes my clothes smell good. I'm giving it 4 stars because of the dryer balls and lack of scent from the detergent." Melissa C.
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