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Grove Co. Total Clean Dishwasher Detergent Packs
"First, I'd like to note: I've sen many 1 star reviews where the pods don't work as they'd hoped- okay- so apparently there CAN be problems using them, however, lets talk a quick sec about your machine and water temperature.. In short, I have a standard 2018 dishwasher with upper/lower spin racks. Also, my water heater is capable and TURNED UP to at least 120º, as you need to make sure your machine has adequate power and water temps for today's modern washers that use pods and have high temp functions that need 120º to produce extra high temps- if these requirements aren't set then yes, you might experience problems with the cycle. Now that we're thinking with all systems working together, I tried these pods with high hopes like everybody- here in Oregon we have soft water, Also, I turned on ,my girlfriend who lives in Florida where they have hard water. We both tried grove at the same time and later talked about the products we'd tried. And what she reported back to me is the same thing- we both give the pods 5 stars. And no, I don't work for the company, I only decided to leave this review as the low rating reasons were just poor quality answers. I would say just try them if you're inclined. If they don't work they don't work. That's what me and my Saba Noodles said. But we love them! AND they smell WAYYYY better, the lemon is clean smelling, and so I have been using these for 3 months without a single problem with any pod." Gary D.
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Ease your home routine with natural, organic, and eco-friendly household products. Natural dish soap and floor cleaner freshen your home without harsh chemicals, while concentrated laundry detergent and hand soap effectively clean.
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