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Health & Wellness

Grove Co. Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser - LED Light Levels and Timer Settings
"it is great, I use it all the time. I have to admit I have essential oils not only from here but another company that makes box sets of 3 and I love to use it for sleeping with the sleep oils calming, relaxing, breathing, unwinding. Not being rude to you you have negative things to say, but I want to clarify to buyers that your not using it correctly. First, plug it in on the bottom before you put the water in, its the other plug you plug in after you have it all set up. Secondly, those of you who say it worked great for a week or 2 and now it goes on, light goes on , but nothing is diffusing out. you need to clean it after 2 stretching it 3 times. the oil buils up in the bottom can see it it yellow and oily. I first soak that all up with dry paper towels. then I run the hot water til its really hot, and fill about 1/2 way with dish soap that CUTS grease and let's it sit for 10 minutes. Then dump out not getting it in the spout, then I repeat filling it with hot water and dumping it until ALL soap is gone. You don't want it to bubble next time you use it. then I spray the inside with a kitchen cleaner that cuts grease very lightly little at a time and wipe clean and dry with paper towel. Feel with my dry hand to makes sure no oily grease is left. And it ready for use. You MUST do this like I said every 2nd or 3rd user the oil builds up int the whole in the bottom, and then YES you will NOT have anything diffuse out. READ your directions. So, I hope if your interested and have been looking at the diffuser, this help lear up some of the negativity. I LOVE mine, I have 2 up in my bedroom for the essential oils, and one downstairs in the kitchen living room area for the smells that are more like cinnamon, orange, vanilla, pine, Christmas tree, apple. The non essential oils. HOPE YOU ENJOY YOURS AS MUCH AS I ENJOY MINE!!!" Colleen A.
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Health & Wellness
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