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Grove Co. European Dish Cloths - Multiple Prints
"I got two packs of these to try out. I have a bad habit of using paper towels really freely if they are nearby, as I hate how icky sponges get and dish rags do not dry fast. I've also always had to keep a countertop sponge and a dish sponge. NO MORE. I LOVE these. I ran them through the dishwasher before use. They held up just fine. I used the heck out of one mopping up lakes around the sink from when I do dishes, cleaning up soap residue, cleaning counters, and soon will try them on stove top. That first one is waiting in the dishwasher to get its second sanitization and a fresh clean one is out and in use. They are SUPER absorbent, more than a sponge, but with the handfeel of a thin sponge. They can tackle jobs that tear up paper towels. They are easy to clean. They dry quickly laid flat. The only thing I don't love is that fully dry, they don't lay quite flat but shrink up a bit and warp like a regular sponge does...thid makes storing clean dry ones a little awkward. But they go flat once wet and are so useful I can't dock stars for that. I love that they can be cleaned by dishwasher or microwave. I also love that they don't last forever so if something really yuck happens to one I wouldn't feel as bad having to chuck it as, say, a nasty rag. Also, so far, no weird odors. I have told my mother and multiple friends they have to try these. Would love to see them in more neutral color options!" Catharine G.
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Cleaning Accessories
Our natural sponges, dish brushes, and other cleaning accessories make tidying up a breeze. Bamboo products and replaceable brush heads keep your home looking great while minimally impacting the environment—especially when paired with our floor cleaners or bathroom cleaners.
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