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Abel - Natural Eau de Parfum

Abel Fragrance Discovery Kit
"I've been wanting to try this sampler set ever since Roven debuted it. I finally got it 2 months ago and have been very impressed. I have a sensitivity to artificial fragrances that has prevented me from wearing conventional and natural perfumes. In short, it gives me a headache. I have tried on all of these fragrances in the sample set and none have affected me negatively. I love the purity and sourcing of the ingredients. Usually, perfumes brands are so cagey about their "proprietary" blends and won't tell you what cocktail of chemicals you're putting on your skin. I love the transparency of Abel. Now, to the scents. My top favorite is White Vetiver. It is a little woodsy, a little rich, a hint of mint. A sophisticated scent. My next favorite was the Pink Iris. This scent is a little harder for me to pin down. It is definitely very floral. I get fruity grape (I think that's the raspberry) and believe it or not a "clean cotton" smell when I wear this one. I like it, though. Green Cedar is my husband's favorite. It is a very woodsy scent and is similar in smell to the White Vetiver. I really like it on him. It reads "masculine" to me, but could easily be worn by a female. The Golden Neroli was okay. I wear it every once in a while. It has the citrus notes. It reminded me of hairspray scent that I liked. That's not a dis on the fragrance. Grey Labdanaum was okay. Cobalt Amber was definitely heavily an amber scent. Red Santal also read like an "amber" scent (though there's not amber in it) and was a spicy fragrance. Final note: A lot of the scents in this collection have very similar base notes that are left after the top notes fade way. As I was trying them on each day, my family would ask, "Didn't you already try that one yesterday?" I think that the value is terrific for an organic perfume. I would like to see more diversity of scents in a future collection." Meagan H.
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