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6 best wood and wood floor cleaners to make it shine.

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In 2019, the wood flooring market was estimated at $4 billion in the U.S., which just goes to show that wood floors are as popular as ever. Wood floors are the go-to choice for people who want timeless, elegant appeal — they look fantastic with nearly any decor, they’re strong, durable, and provide better air quality than carpet — but they require regular cleaning to stay in prime condition.

With so many hardwood floor cleaners on the market, picking one that’s not loaded with nasty chemicals — but still gets the job done — is tough. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the best wood floor cleaners for you to peruse at your leisure. These wood cleaners are made with natural ingredients that get your floors clean, polished, and ready to be admired for years to come.

This list of products was determined by ratings and reviews from Grove members.

1. method Daily Wood Cleaner

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Dusting got you feeling down? Here’s a quick pick-me-up — method Daily Wood Cleaner works to remove dirt and dust so your wood surfaces can sparkle and shine like new. This cruelty-free wood cleaning spray with plant-based cleaning agents is made without parabens, and is strong enough to tackle filth to the fullest for a dust-free home. Even …

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2. Grove Co. Floor Cleaner Concentrate

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Grove Co. Floor Cleaner Concentrate removes common stains like dirt, red crayon, coffee, and grape juice — so your floors can shine without any streaking or leftover residue.* Plastic-free and crafted to be sustainably powerful for a healthy home and planet.

This tile, laminate, and finished wood floor cleaner’s formula is made with 96% …

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3. method Squirt + Mop Wood Floor Cleaner

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A wood floor cleaner that smells good? You better believe it. This method Squirt + Mop Wood Floor Cleaner not only leaves behind a gleaming floor but imbues your home with the subtle scent of almond. Quick-drying and thorough without requiring you to haul out a bucket, method Squirt + Mop Wood Floor cleaner lifts dirt but cleans to a gleam in one …

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4. Aunt Fannie's Hardwood Floor Cleaner

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Every day you hit the ground running — make sure the floor you hit is clean with Aunt Fannie's Hardwood Floor Cleaner. This no-wax formula leaves hardwood floors gleaming (no rinsing required) and will infuse your space with a bright lemon scent courtesy of 100% essential oils. A total score for your floor, it's non-toxic, vegan, earth-friendly, …

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5. Seventh Generation Wood Cleaner

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Clean the wood in your home without unleashing harsh chemicals that could be harmful to your family. This Seventh Generation Wood Cleaner is made with essential oils and botanical ingredients and is safe for treated wood and hard, non-porous surfaces. It’s Leaping Bunny–certified, meaning it’s never tested on animals, and it’s made with responsible …

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6. Aunt Fannie's Vinegar Wash Floor Cleaner

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Aunt Fannie's is breaking new ground in the healthy home cleaning circle. They believe housekeeping is a daily act of personal wellness, and that’s why they’ve created this Aunt Fannie's Vinegar Wash Floor Cleaner. It’s non-toxic, vegan, and healthy for kids and pets who are the ones that are on the floors most often. It also uses the natural power …

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What is the best thing to use to clean wood floors?

There’s a lot of debate over what the best thing to use to clean wood floors is. Some people say just water and a mop, others say white vinegar diluted with hot water, and if your wood floor is new, it’s likely that the company who installed it will have their own guidelines for how you should clean your hardwood.

Cleaners made specifically for wood floors are great, because they have the added benefit of shining your floor as well as cleaning it — and they won’t leave your house smelling like vinegar as they dry. When you choose a wood floor cleaner, look for a product that’s free from harsh chemicals and is scented with essential oils rather than artificial fragrances.

New around town? Check out our guide on how to go green at home. It’s full of tips, tricks, and super simple ways to make your home a plant-powered, Earth-friendly haven.

How do you clean dirty wood floors?

To get your dirty wood floors clean, start by giving ‘em a routine cleaning. For heavy traffic areas like the dining room, living room, and hallways, sweep or vacuum daily — if that’s a bit too much for you (life is busy!) try to sweep at least every couple of days. Once every couple of weeks, mop your floors with a wood floor cleaner. Mopping keeps your floors totally clean — not just free from dust and dirt.

When you mop, make sure the mop head is just barely damp — water is not your wood floor’s friend, and too much water can warp it. Yikes! Microfiber mops are your wood floor’s friend because they need less water than regular mops to be effective. For a more in-depth look, read up on our Clean Team’s guide on how to clean wood floors.

How do you shine hardwood floors?

Wood floors take quite the beating. Daily wear and tear does a number — like that time you scratched ‘em up when you tried to move the couch by yourself, or when your kid decided it was a good idea to whip out their roller skates and treat the living room like an in-home roller disco. This is all to say that every once in a while (every time you mop is fine), you should treat your wood floors to a good shine to keep them lustrous and beautiful.

After you’ve finished mopping and your floors are dry, take a dry microfiber mop head, and buff it across your hardwood. This dries up any excess water that might be lurking around (remember — too much water = your wood floor’s arch nemesis) and gives your floor a nice shine without going to the effort of polishing your hardwood.

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