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The 5 best organic tampons.

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Organic tampons are more important for your health than you may think — and that’s because your lady parts are so much more sensitive than you realize. Your sensitive skin can actually absorb chemicals and toxins easier than your regular skin, so it’s extra important to prevent pesticides and dyes from touching your sensitive parts. Plus, not only are natural tampons better for you, but they’re also better for the environment, too, as they use resources that can either be recycled, composted, or both.

Check out our list of the best organic tampons and choose from top natural tampon brands like Cora and Seventh Generation. Shop must-haves like these Seventh Generation Comfort Applicator Tampons or these Cora Organic Cotton Tampons with Applicator. Whatever organic cotton tampons you choose from our list, they’re sure to be the best tampons for you and your skin.

This list of products was determined by ratings and reviews from Grove members.

1. Sustain The Tampon Monthly

product image
The Tampon Monthly helps you get through that time of month with peace of mind. Included in this bundle: Two Sets of 12 Regular Tampons
2 x 12ct Regular Tampons
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2. Cora Organic Cotton Tampons with Applicator

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Say goodbye to period problems with Cora Organic Cotton Tampons with Applicator. Cora knows people come in all shapes and sizes, and you’ll get maximum leak protection with these Cora tampons’ body-centric design that expands to your unique shape. Plus, they’re made from 100 percent –certified organic cotton farmed without pesticides and don’t …

16 Count
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3. Cora Cora Organic Tampons with Applicator Mixed Pack

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Not every day of your period is the same, so you don’t need to treat it like it is. With these Cora Organic Tampons with Applicator Mixed Pack, you’ll get 16 tampons of two different sizes for a total of 32. These Cora tampons are made from 100-percent organic cotton and feature a body-centric design that provides leak protection that expands to …

16 ct of each size
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4. Sustain 100% Certified Organic Cotton Tampons - Multiple Options

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Sustain tampons were designed with vaginas in mind and are therefore made without rayon, dyes, pesticides, fragrance, and petrochemical superabsorbents. Just pure 100% certified organic cotton and applicators made from 90% plant-based plastic.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Designed for comfort
  • Fragrance free

One percent of every Sustain …
12 Tampons
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5. Natracare Applicator Regular Tampons

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Choose a tampon with a cardboard applicator instead of a plastic one for your monthly needs with these Natracare Applicator Regular Tampons 16ct. These Natracare tampons are biodegradable, chlorine-free, surfactant-free, rayon-free, and vegan. Plus, the applicators feature a round, petal-shaped end for comfortable, easy insertion.

Want to see …

16 Count
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Can you flush tampons?

No! Whether you use organic tampons or regular cotton tampons, you shouldn’t flush them down the toilet, even though you technically can.

There are a few reasons you don’t want to flush tampons, and one major reason is plumbing issues. Tampons can cause plumbing blockage and sewage backflow — yuck! Instead, to properly dispose of tampons, we recommend wrapping your tampon up before you throw it in the garbage. You can use bathroom tissue, tiny waste bags, or even cloth wipes to wrap up your regular or natural tampons.

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to natural or organic tampons is, if you have purchased biodegradable tampons, then those are actually compostable. Plant-based materials like organic cotton will break down when under the correct conditions. If you’re unsure about what those conditions are, just double check the product’s packaging. It should tell you how to properly dispose of the tampons, or you can always reach out to a local compost center to ask questions.

Learn all about organic tampons and why they're healthier and better for your body in this guide. You can thank us later.

Do tampons expire?

Just like most other self-care products we use, even the best tampons have an expiration date. Usually, tampons will last about five years, which is quite a long time if you think about the fact that most women have their period every single month for a total of 12 weeks a year. If your tampons are undisturbed by moisture or other materials, you can expect them to last for those five years, but their packaging should tell you an expiration date, too.

Sometimes you may think that a tampon still looks okay to use but remember if the expiration date has passed you should never ever use the product. This is mainly because the cotton in a tampon can be a place for bacteria and even mold to grow, making it very unhealthy for your super sensitive lady parts.

Can you sleep with a tampon in?

Well, let’s put it this way, cotton tampons should be changed every four to eight hours, and they shouldn’t ever be left in longer than eight hours to prevent infections and other issues like toxic shock syndrome. If you’re only sleeping five to eight hours a night, then it should be fine to sleep with a tampon in, or if you’re taking a quick cat nap or a long nap, you should still be okay to sleep with your organic tampon in.

If you’re the type of sleeper that likes getting a ton of sleep at night — more than eight hours that is — than it’s definitely best to use a pad instead of a tampon. You can try an alternative option to natural tampons such as these Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Maxi Pads with wings - Overnight that are particularly made to last through the long night without any issues. Another alternate options is a period cup; learn more about how to use menstrual cups here.

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