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7 best dental products for your pets.

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Even though your pet doesn’t go to a dentist like you do, their vet still pays close attention to their teeth and oral hygiene when they go in for visits. Some pet owners may not know this, but even your canines and felines can have oral health issues and diseases. To stay on top of their oral health, along with regular visits to their vet, your pet could use love, care, and some really awesome pet dental care products. You can stock up on supplies individually or choose to buy bulk in a set like this Oxyfresh Pet Dental Kit.

If you don’t already have an oral care routine for your pet, then ask your pet’s vet for a list of go-to items. We’ve compiled a list ourselves of what we recommend as the best dental products for dogs and cats — check it out below and see what made the cut.

This list of products was determined by ratings and reviews from Grove members.

1. Radius Canine Organic Dental Solutions Kit: Puppy

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If your puppy's mouth odor takes your breath away (and, not in a good way), then it's time to introduce the Radius Canine Organic Dental Solutions Kit: Puppy. This kit includes the first USA-made certified-organic canine tooth gel on the market today, along with a toothbrush that's sized just right. Made with organic coconut oil, the tooth gel …

1 toothbrush, 1 toothpaste
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2. Shameless Pets Dental Stick Variety Pack

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Smile, these Shameless Pets Dental Sticks will take you from white belt to black belt in no time regarding your pet’s teeth cleaning. They are designed to help clean your pup’s teeth, while keeping bad breath at bay.

Does your dog have some seriously stinky breath? Shop all dog dental care products to help your pup out. Also, you might as well …

4 x 7.2 oz bags
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3. Oxyfresh Pet Dental Kit

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Yellow teeth, bad breath, tartar buildup, oh my! What’s a concerned pet parent to do? Adopt a dental routine right at home with Oxyfresh’s exclusive Pet Dental Kit, a dog and cat dental care set that even the pickiest pets will love. It’s the complete package to get those teeth completely clean and their breath fresh. This dental care kit is so …
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4. Oxyfresh Pet Water Additive

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Your pets are a big part of your family, show them how much you care with this Oxyfresh Pet Water Additive. This pet dental water additive is super easy to use and cleans your cat’s or dog’s mouth without brushing. It eliminates bad pet breath and fights tartar and plaque to keep your pets healthy and to help avoid vet visits associated with dental …

8 oz
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5. Radius Canine Organic Dental Solutions Kit: Adult

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Doggy breath got ya feeling like, woof? The Radius Canine Organic Dental Solutions Kit: Adult is here to save the day. Designed specifically for your 4-legged friend, this toothbrush and toothpaste set for dogs helps keep your pup's pearly whites sparkling clean while banishing bad breath. The toothbrush features an oval, corner-less head with soft …

1 toothbrush, 1 toothpaste
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6. Oxyfresh Pet Dental Spray

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Give your pup’s teeth the royal treatment with this Oxyfresh Pet Dental Spray. This pet dental care solution spray is gluten-free, tasteless, odorless, and it’s formulated to help clean your pet’s teeth by removing plaque and deodorizing their gums. It’s also never tested on animals, made in the US, and veterinarian approved.

Did you know this …

3 oz
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7. Oxyfresh Pet Dental Gel

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Here's something cats and dogs can finally agree on. Oxyfresh Pet Dental Gel offers a paws-itively perfect (and easy) way to eliminate bad breath as well as plaque and tarter. Safe for both cats and dogs, this nontoxic, flavorless gel is a must-have for pet parents. The fast-acting formula contains a soothing blend of Oxygene and aloe vera that …

1 oz
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When should I start dog dental care?

You should start using dental products for dogs whenever you feel comfortable starting to use them. You can really start at any age; however, keep in mind that pups get their adult teeth in around six months, so that’s when you should definitely be using pet dental care products. If you start using them with your puppy before they turn six months of age, then they’ll be used to the routine, and it’ll be easier to get inside their mouths by their chompers to brush and do other routines with them. If you wait until your dog is older, it could be harder to get them to go along with using some of the best dental products for dogs.

Why is it such a big deal to start caring for your dog’s oral health? Well, because if your pet gets dental disease it’s a huge deal and could cause their health to decline rapidly, and no pet parent wants that.

What dog dental care products do I need?

Just like us, doggies (and even kitties) need to keep their teeth clean to prevent them from getting dental diseases, so good dental products for dogs (and cat dental care products too) are needed to make sure your pets stay healthy and happy. You’ll always need a toothbrush like in this Radius Canine Organic Dental Solutions Kit: Puppy, and some other pet dental care products as well. If you have a dog in your home, these Shameless Pets The Tooth Berry Dental Sticks are great because you can give your dog one stick (or even half) to help clean their teeth and freshen their breath, too, with minimal effort on your part.

For other great ideas on what to stock up on for your pet’s oral health, check out our list above of the best pet dental products, or shop all dog dental care products and cat dental care products available on Grove.

What do vets recommend for dental chews?

Vets always recommend dental chews as part of your pet’s oral care routine and that’s because these pet dental care products make it easy to clean your dog’s or cat’s teeth without spending a ton of time each day in their mouths. Some vets even recommend giving your animal a dental chew every single day to help with their oral hygiene, but make sure to check with your pet’s veterinarian first before you start a new routine when it comes to their teeth.

This Shameless Pets Dental Stick Variety Pack made our list of the best dental products for dogs and cats because not only do they do wonders for your pet’s health (and their bad breath), but they also offer a variety of flavors, so cleaning teeth doesn’t feel so humdrum. If you’re looking to stock up on a certain flavor instead of getting the variety pack, shop each flavor individually in Shameless Pets dental chews on Grove.

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