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9 best night creams for anti-aging.

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Do you want to minimize fine lines and smooth out wrinkles? Brighten sun spots? Or soften dry skin? Of course, we all want a magical potion that will restore our skin’s youthful glow, especially as we age. Even the best anti-aging night cream won’t completely wipe away all the signs of aging. But a good overnight moisturizer can do wonders to regenerate your complexion.

The best night creams for anti-aging rejuvenate your skin with overnight hydration and skin cell repair. Adding a natural night cream to your evening skincare routine is essential for treating sagging or dehydrated skin and improving your overall skin tone and texture, from your face to your décolletage.

For best results, start your bedtime ritual by gently cleansing away the day with a natural face wash. You can apply your favorite serum or oil before adding night cream. Then let your skin soak up all that moisture overnight!

To help you select a moisturizing formula that’s just right for your complexion, we’ve gathered a list of Grove-approved, nutrient-rich night creams to deliver hydration and nourishment to your skin.

This list of products was determined by ratings and reviews from Grove members.

1. Tree To Tub Ginseng Green Tea Retinol Night Cream

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Moisturization is great, but when you add our anti-aging Eastern-Infusion Blend, it gets even better! Ginseng brightens skin complexion while Green Tea gives natural toning. The result? The bright, even skin tone you were born with!

You already know the benefits of Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid for reducing the appearance of wrinkles. But Retinol …

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2. Rooted Beauty Purifying Overnight Recovery Cream

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Say goodbye (and goodnight) to dry, irritated skin. This formula helps to restore hydration and reduce the appearance of fine lines overnight with hyaluronic acid — a powerful, natural moisturizer that works by attracting and holding onto water. It leaves the skin feeling hydrated, and looking youthful. Plus the R7 Complex — Rooted Beauty’s …
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3. Mad Hippie Triple C Night Cream

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Perfect for either the wild-child spirit or the relaxed, peaceful soul, this Mad Hippie Triple C Night Cream is great for all types of folks. This Mad Hippie night cream features three forms of vitamin C, along with antioxidants and adaptogens to give you smoother, healthier looking skin. It’s vegan and powered by reishi, turmeric, cloudberry, and …

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4. Lavido Age Away Night Cream

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Catch up on your beauty sleep with Lavido Age Away Night Cream. This nourishing cream moisturizes your skin long after your sleepy head hits the pillow. Anti-aging pomegranate and skin-plumping hyaluronic acid give you an overnight glow-up, and a generous dose of evening primrose oil stimulates collagen production while you dream.

For more …

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5. Acure Brightening Night Cream

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Do good things for your skin while you’re catching some shut eye with this Acure Brightening Night Cream. This night facial cream is suitable for all skin types and is paraben-free, sulfate-free, triclosan-free, vegan, and Leaping Bunny–certified. It’s made with argan, evening primrose and St. John’s wort to replenish moisture and with chlorella …

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6. Andalou Naturals Brightening Purple Carrot + C Luminous Night Cream

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Moisturize and hydrate your skin without using harsh chemicals with Andalou Naturals Brightening Purple Carrot + C Luminous Night Cream. This vegan night cream is formulated with skin-loving ingredients like fruit stem cells, purple carrots, and vitamin C that support brighter skin, naturally.

How does Andalou Naturals night cream work? …

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7. Rooted Beauty Sensitive Overnight Repair Cream

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You’re sure to have sweet dreams and soothed skin with this overnight moisturizer. Argan oil — high in vitamin E and omega fatty acids — helps to hydrate and soften the skin. Meanwhile, Sacha Inchi — the richest plant-based source of essential fatty acids and vitamins — helps to retain elasticity, calm skin and increase smoothness, softness, and …
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8. Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream

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Just like the golden hour, when the sun magically makes everything appear warmer and softer, Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream has a similar effect on your face. Perfect as a daily moisturizer, this highly effective face cream can also be used as a wrinkle-busting night cream, or really, any time your skin needs a little extra star power.

If …

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9. Acure Seriously Soothing Cloud Cream

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Find your silver lining and take your face to cloud nine with Acure Seriously Soothing Cloud Cream. Super fluffy and lightweight, this heavenly nighttime facial treatment is rich in hyaluronic acid, which plumps your skin, along with argan oil, avocado oil, and St. John's wart that help to replenish and retain moisture, too. Sweet dreams, indeed! …

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What is night cream?

Different from a daily moisturizer, night cream is usually a thicker formulation designed to enrich your skin. Treating aging skin with an overnight moisturizer can have multiple benefits, including skin rejuvenation. The best night cream deeply hydrates your skin by moisturizing your face (and neck) overnight to keep it feeling soft and supple.

Applying night cream in the evening before you go to bed allows active ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, to rehydrate and help repair skin cell damage from the daytime (goodnight, sun!). The best anti-aging night cream includes antioxidant-rich, anti-aging ingredients that fight against free radicals and support the skin repair process.

Natural night cream typically contains plant-based, nutrient-rich ingredients such as argan oil, green tea, or evening primrose to nourish your skin. For maximum results, add natural night cream to your skincare routine and then sleep on it while your skin regenerates, undisturbed.

Yep, that’s why they call it beauty sleep!

Can you use night cream during the day?

Daytime creams and lotions are designed to do entirely different things for your skin than night creams with their thicker, richer consistency. Your face doesn’t typically need such a heavy formula during the day. But that isn’t the only reason we recommend using a daily moisturizer instead of a night cream during the sunlight hours.

Simply put, an overnight moisturizer has a different function than facial moisturizers designed for daytime use. Most daily moisturizers are not only lighter but also contain sunscreen with SPF protection from the sun. They’re often formulated to support your skin’s protective barrier against harmful UV rays, pollution, and free radicals that contribute to premature aging, which often show up as age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.

On the other hand, the best anti-aging night cream replenishes and smooths your skin overnight as it soaks up enriching ingredients. The results? A glowing complexion that looks hydrated.

What ingredients should you look for in a night cream?

Which ingredients you look for in a night cream largely depends on what type of benefits you want. If you’re searching for the best anti-aging night cream, choose one with active compounds like hyaluronic acid to add hydration, retinol to promote elasticity, and peptides that support collagen production.

Shea butter with fatty acids plus antioxidant-rich ingredients with vitamins A, C, and E also help to reduce the appearance of aging by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles while plumping the skin around your forehead, eyes, mouth, and neck.

Got acne-prone skin? Alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) like glycolic acid, or beta-hydroxy acid (BHA), like salicylic acid, will chemically exfoliate dead skin cells overnight. If you’re treating sensitive skin that’s prone to redness, irritation, or skin conditions like eczema, look for soothing ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties like sea buckthorn, chamomile, and aloe vera.

Of course, overnight moisturizers include the option of a natural night cream, typically formulated without parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicones, and synthetic fragrance or dye. Instead, natural moisturizers may contain vitamin-rich fruit extracts like pomegranate and cucumber; botanical oils like avocado, coconut, apricot, almond, or evening primrose; and wrinkle-preventing antioxidants like green tea.

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