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4 best laundry bags for delicates & more.

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A simple Google search reveals tons and tons of different laundry bags. While one of the great privileges of being an adult is having a world of choices at your fingertips, it can be a bit overwhelming when you’re on the third page of search results and you still don’t have a clear winner. We’re here with our best laundry bag rec’s so you can take a load off and spend more time enjoying your silk pajamas — and less time worrying about how you’re going to wash them.

This list of products was determined by ratings and reviews from Grove members.

1. Grove Co. Laundry Delicates Bag Set

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Protect your delicates while they wash with this Grove Co. Laundry Delicates Bag Set. These Grove laundry bags feature easy-to-use zippers that trap clothing in them so that your knit fabrics and items with zippers or clasps don’t get ruined or snag other pieces while you’re washing machine does its job. They’re made of mesh and also simple to …

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2. Grove Co. Collapsible Laundry Bag

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Make laundry day easier on yourself with help from our Grove Co. Collapsible Laundry Bag. This organic cotton laundry bag is great for lugging loads of laundry or keeping clean laundry off the floor before you have the time to put it away. It’s also a great collapsible storage for toys or other items in your home. It conveniently closes up and can …

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3. Marley's Monsters Mesh Laundry Bag

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What mom or dad hasn’t wondered where that missing baby sock disappeared to in the wash? This Marley’s Monsters Mesh Laundry Bag keeps your little washables contained in one place while being laundered. Measuring just 8.5 x 9.5 inches, this white polyester mesh bag is the perfect size for tossing in the small stuff.

Quick-dry material makes …

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4. Marley's Monsters Wet Bag

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This indispensable Wet Bag is offered in a classic Lemons print. Use it to store, pack or carry cloth diapering supplies, dirty gym clothes, wet swimwear, used UNpaper® Towels, produce, breast pump parts, or anything you might use a plastic bag for. A must have for all parents! This bag is the perfect size to fit 7-9 dirty cloth diapers and wipes. …

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What is the purpose of a mesh laundry bag?

Other than making you feel like you’re an adult who’s got your life together, mesh laundry bags for delicates are meant to protect clothing and fine fabrics from the harsh agitation of your washer. Delicates like silk, velvet, linen, lace, bras, and tights are all at risk of getting tangled and warped in the washer. Even hardier items such as socks and swimsuits are liable to get stretched out and a bit wonky during high-speed spin cycles too.

Enter the laundry bag. It’s a handy invention to remedy the wash cycle conundrum while keeping your stuff looking its best. Laundry bags are usually made of durable mesh or cotton, with either a zipper or drawstring closure, that keeps your clothes locked safely inside while they’re swished around in your washer.

Pillow cases are an okay substitute if you don’t have a laundry bag on hand, but they aren’t ideal. Laundry bags are specially crafted to stay closed while water and soap enter the fabric to thoroughly clean your delicate clothing. Pillowcases might pop open in the wash, leaving your vintage band tees and favorite silk trousers at the mercy of your washer. Why risk it?

Can you put a laundry bag in the dryer?

You can absolutely put a laundry bag in the dryer! As with anything, check the fabric care tags first to be safe. In general, the majority of laundry bags are meant to be used in dryers as well as washers.

Dryers use high heat and agitation to get your clothes nice ‘n’ dry, but they can also cause damage to items that are made from sensitive fabrics or contain delicate elastics. After you’ve finished washing your clothes in a laundry bag, simply toss the bag into the dryer and tune it to your regular settings. Your clothes will come out clean, dry, and best of all — damage-free.

Are laundry bags washable?

Unless the fabric care tag says otherwise, most laundry bags are 100% machine washable. They’re made from strong materials like polyester, nylon, cotton, or cotton blends that can be put through your washer over and over again without warping or shrinking.

Some fabrics can’t be machine washed, even if you put them inside a washable laundry bag. Items made from wool, cashmere, leather, or very old fabric — like that 1920’s cotton house dress from your grandma’s closet — are better off being hand washed in the tub or taken to a professional dry cleaner.

For more hot tips and neat tricks to wash your clothes safely and effectively, check out Grove’s Clean Team and Stain Buster guides to getting deodorant stains, ink splotches, and even vomit out of your beloved sweaters and bedsheets.

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