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6 best natural hair products for volume in all hair types.

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There are few things about ourselves that we treasure more than our hair. We cut, style, and color our hair with the purpose of telling everyone who sees us who we are and what we're about. Our hair is at the very core of our identities. For many of us, that identity is bold and vibrant — and we want to communicate these qualities to the world by the way we do our hair.

Full, rich hair has always been associated with charisma, boldness, and spirit. It adds height to our stature. It adds depth to our faces. Whether consciously or unconsciously, volumunious hair catches the eye of all who look at us.

Some of us aren't gifted with naturally full hair. If we want our hair to communicate our own boldness and vivacity, we need the best volumizing products for fine hair. For those of us who are gifted with body, we want to maintain that richness with the best volumizing hair products that are made with natural ingredients too.

This list of products was determined by ratings and reviews from Grove members.

1. Acure Vivacious Volume Shampoo and Conditioner Set

product image
Turn up the volume!

If you’re looking for big volume with a minty afterglow, look no further. Forget the neighbors, turn up the volume with mint & moringa!
1 x Shampoo - 8 Oz, 1 x Conditioner - 8 Oz
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2. Peach Shampoo & Conditioner Bar + Stone Soap Dish Set - Volumizing

product image

This Peach Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner Bar Set is formulated for fine, flat hair to invigorate the scalp and bring volume and fullness to lifeless strands.

Hair types: Fine and flat

Scent: “Lets-play-hooky” Wild Honey

Get ready for healthier, fuller-looking hair that is good for you and the planet. This plastic-free bar set is also …

1 x Shampoo Bar, 1 x Conditioner Bar, 1 x Stone Soap Dish - Large
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3. Alba Botanica Volumizing Mango Conditioner

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Is your hair conditioner weighing you down? Then lighten the load with Alba Botanica Volumizing Mango Conditioner. Sulfates and heavy minerals found in ordinary products can leave your hair looking flat and lifeless. This conditioner pumps up the volume with exotic extracts and tropical oils that nourish and moisturize without all that heaviness. …

12 Oz
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4. Alba Botanica Volumizing Mango Shampoo

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Bring a slice of mango deliciousness to the shower ,and wash your hair with Alba Botanica Volumizing Mango Shampoo. The sweet, rich mango scent will tease your senses (and refresh your scalp), while botanical cleansers gently remove environmental pollutants, dust, and oil. This Alba mango shampoo is full of healthy and natural plant-based …

12 Oz
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5. Jason Thin to Thick Extra Volume Shampoo

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Getting big, bold, and beautiful hair is easy when you cleanse with Jason Thin to Thick Extra Volume Shampoo. This formula has healthy ingredients like amino acids, peppermint oil, and tons of other naturally derived elements that cleanse your scalp without harming your delicate hair. Biotin and panthenol work together to strengthen and moisturize …

8 Oz
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6. Jason Thin to Thick Extra Volume Conditioner

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This clean-rinsing body-building conditioner delivers weightless manageability and volume to fine, thinning hair. Hair-strengthening Panthenol and Biotin help stimulate hair growth to restore thinning, weak hair while fortifying Vitamins A, C and E nourish the entire hair shaft for improved volume with fewer fly-aways and split ends. Your hair …
8 Oz
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What is the best hair product for volume?

There are literally hundreds — if not thousands — of hair products designed specifically to increase hair volume and add texture by thickening your hair. In such a market, it may be tough to narrow down the best hair products for volume and texture.

Each head of hair is unique to the person who wears it. That's not to say there aren't similarities between one person's head of hair and another's. For instance, people with dark hair tend to have thicker hair strands than a person with lighter colored hair, but a person with dark hair tends to have about 30,000 fewer individual strands across the entire scalp. But even so, hair products that work well to volumize thinner, lighter-colored hair might be equally as effective on darker, thicker hair.

When you’re searching for any hair volumizing product, make sure it’s designed to work either on all hair types and colors, or your specific hair type and color.

What do volume hair products do?

The best volumizing hair products will add space between the individual hairs, pushing them up and out to give it a fuller body. The best volumizing products for fine hair will also add depth to the hair by making each individual strand thicker, while also adding space between the hairs themselves. This keeps the strands from lying flat to the scalp while adding a visual dimension to the hair.

Hair is thickened by ingredients that allow it to retain moisture, which causes each strand to swell. This gives real, natural texture to the whole head of hair. Thinner hair doesn’t bulk up to the extent that normal and thicker hair does, but by adding volumizing products, your thin hair may appear thicker and fuller by default.

What ingredient gives hair volume?

Hair volume products are diverse in the ingredients they use to add volume to hair. A brief internet search will offer many suggestions and present an array of ingredients that each product uses to enhance the volume of hair – from apple juice, to almond extract, to vitamin B5, to vitamin C. Any of these ingredients may work just fine to add body to the hair, as long as the ingredient or set of ingredients maintains a degree of space between each individual hair strand.

As for hair thickness, the industry seems to have dialed in a little tighter to this magical piece of hair enhancement. Keratin – a naturally occurring protein – strengthens hair at the root when you apply it, while certain B vitamins help in other ways. For instance, vitamin B5 – also known as pantothenic acid – helps your hair retain moisture. You may need to try different hair products that contain nutrients in different quantities to achieve the thickness of the hair you desire.

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