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The 7 Best Gifts for New Cat Owners.

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Everyone has that friend who's a little too obsessed with their cat — or maybe you are that person. Cats have a way of inspiring fanaticism and blind devotion without so much as lifting a paw. If you've got a friend who's new to the life of cat ownership, we've got a few top-notch goodies that'll land you with the title of "cat godparent" in no time.

These products come highly rated by Grove members who love cats. We gathered 'em up in one easy-to-browse list so you can grab the perfect gift for your favorite cat owner. Thinking of adopting a cat yourself? We've got answers to a few commonly asked questions that'll help you adopt and care for a cat with aplomb.

This list of products was determined by ratings and reviews from Grove members.

1. Shameless Pets Catnip N Chill Crunchy Cat Treats

product image

Catnip before a cat nap — that’s the way things usually go with these Shameless Pets Catnip N Chill Crunchy Cat Treats. These Shameless Pets crunchy cat treats are not only special to your feline friend but also to you, and that’s because they’re made with 20% upcycled sweet potatoes, and they’re corn-free, soy-free, and packed with prebiotics and …

2.5 oz
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2. Shameless Pets More Lobster, Cheese Crunchy Cat Treats

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Cattitude is a real thing — calm your cat’s crankiness with these Shameless Pets More Lobster, Cheese Crunchy Cat Treats. These Shameless Pets crunchy cat treats are not only made with 20% upcycled sweet potatoes, they’re also made with prebiotics and probiotics to help with your kitty’s digestion. You can also count on no corn, soy, or artificial …

2.5 oz
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3. Shameless Pets Nip, Nip, Ahh…Catnip

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Shameless Pets takes play time & chill time seriously! They have blended a potent mixture of fresh leaves and flowers for your kitty that will keep them saying, "noooo worriiies" all day everyday.
1.5 oz
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4. kin+kind Natural Moisturizing Conditioner for Dogs & Cats

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When doing at-home grooming sessions with your pet, don’t stop after their shampoo. This kin+kind Moisturizing Conditioner Dogs & Cats is an easy fix for restoring the softness and shine of your pet’s coat. This pet conditioner also uses natural oils to attract and lock in moisture to their skin and coat. It’s paraben-free, fragrance-free, …

12 fl Oz
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5. Grove Co. Two-Sided Eco Lint Brush - No Waste

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This Grove Co. Two-Sided Eco Lint Brush is a waste-free lint brush for clothes, bedding, and upholstery, made from responsible materials. Plastic-free and crafted to be sustainably powerful for a healthy home and planet.

This zero-waste, eco lint roller features two sides — the fabric side effectively removes fine lint, dust, dandruff, and light …

1 x Double Sided Lint Brush
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6. The Foggy Dog Strawberry Donut Cat Toy

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Because every cat needs a delicious strawberry donut with sprinkles (and catnip). Made from 100% sheep's wool that is sourced cruelty-free, and infused with premium organic catnip. As an added bonus, the tightly felted wool acts as a natural floss that cleans your kitty's pearly whites. Hand-felted in Nepal by a group that provides employment for …
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7. kin+kind Calming Lavender Waterless Bath for Cats & Dogs

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Keep calm and shampoo on with kin+kind Waterless Bath for Cats & Dogs. Infused with the soothing scent of lavender, this fuss-free foaming pet shampoo is the perfect choice for keeping your fur-ever friend smelling great while keeping their coats moisturized between bath time. This no-rinse formula is simple to use too, perfect for dogs and cats …

8 oz
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How do I adopt a cat?

So, you want to adopt a cat. Congratulations! This is the start of a long, happy relationship, wherein you must give in to your precious kitty's every whim. Whether they want to sit on your face while you're sleeping, lick the yogurt off your spoon, or sit on the counter and watch you cook, you must let them. But you'll enjoy it, we promise!

There are a few things you'll need to take into consideration before you adopt your new feline friend. Do you want an adult cat or a kitten? Will you adopt from a shelter or an ad on Craigslist? For new pet owners, we've got an easy-to-follow cat adoption guide that'll tell you everything you need to know before you bring your furry friend home.

Are cats eco-friendly?

You might be a lil' surprised to hear this, but cats are decidedly not eco-friendly creatures. They eat a lot of meat, kill a lot of songbirds, and use a ton of litter. But that's not to say you should call the environment police and have your kitty locked up for crimes against mother nature. Instead, there are a few easy swaps you can make to turn Miss Kitty into an eco-friendly champion.

Start by switching to natural litter instead of clay litter. You can also snag a few toys that are made from eco-friendly materials like wool instead of non-biodegradable plastics. For more ideas to erase your kitty's carbon pawprint, check out our list of the best eco-friendly cat products.

How do I bathe a cat?

Got a stinky kitty? While cats are pros at cleaning themselves, sometimes they need a little help getting rid of the funk. This might be because you've got an older cat who can't clean himself like he used to, or you've got a long-haired fur baby who could use some assistance with her gorgeous tufts.

Grab your favorite cat grooming supplies and let's get to work. You'll need a towel, a bathtub, and a hefty dose of fearlessness to get your kitty fresh 'n' clean. For a step-by-step tutorial plus helpful tips and tricks, take a gander at our cat grooming guide for everything you need to know about cleaning your kitty.

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