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18 best & most unique gifts for clean freaks.

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Are you or someone you know—let's face it—a clean freak? A clean freak is different from a neat freak, though the two usually go hand-in-hand. A clean freak wants all surfaces to be spotless and germ-free. Countertops have to shine. Windows have to be at near invisible levels of transparency, and the toilet cannot have the tiniest hint of discoloration anywhere on its surface or in the bowl. They love the smell of sanitized air, and feel most at ease when they are in an antimicrobial bubble of their own making.

Neat freaks, on the other hand, are all about organization. There is a place for everything and everything has its place. They arrange their bookshelves alphabetically by subject, and label their baskets so that bills don't end up in the same place as coupons. A spot on the countertop may or may not unsettle them, but a spoon in the fork rack will definitely cause emotional distress.

If someone you know, or—let's be honest, you–fit into column A, the clean freak, then settle in and peruse the offernings that Grove has in store to keep the germs away and your surfaces spotless.

This list of products was determined by ratings and reviews from Grove members.

1. Grove Co. Seasons Cleaning Set

product image
Create magic in your home by embracing the beauty of winter with this limited edition collection from Grove Co. and Mrs. Meyer’s. Available in limited quantities until sold out.

This bundle includes a selection of our community’s most beloved Grove and Mrs. Meyer's products, now in limited edition …
1 x Hand Soap, 1 x Dish Soap, 1 x Multi-Surface Cleaner, 1 x Room Freshener, 1 x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
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2. Grove Co. Countertop Cleaning Set

product image

This bundle includes some of our favorite cleaning products from the Grove cleaning concentrates line, now in plastic-free packaging.

This set includes:

1 x Reusable Glass Cleaning Spray Bottle, 1 x Multi-Purpose Household Cleaner Concentrate , 1 x Walnut Scrubber Sponges
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3. Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap

product image

Did you know snowdrop flowers will grow in winter even pushing through the snow-covered ground? It’s true and their determined spirit is what has inspired this beloved wintertime seasonal scent used in this Mrs. Meyer's Snowdrop Hand Soap. This 12.5-ounce Mrs. Meyer's Snowdrop liquid hand soap is made of naturally derived ingredients and is free of …

12.5 oz
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4. Mrs. Meyer's Multi-Surface Cleaner

product image

Winter is coming, and so are Mrs. Meyer’s limited edition winter scents. (Hooray!) This Mrs. Meyer's Multi-Surface Cleaner – Snowdrop is one of the brand’s most popular seasonal scents, so you’ll want to grab it before it sells out. From everyday cleanup to deep cleaning before holiday gatherings, this multi surface cleaner gets the job done and …

16 oz.
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5. Grove Co. Essential Cleaner Concentrates Set

product image

A set with 3 surface cleaner concentrates — Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Tub & Tile Cleaner, and Glass Cleaner — all proven to perform better than other natural brands.* Crafted to be sustainably powerful for a healthy home and planet.

Our Multi-Purpose Household Cleaner Concentrate cuts 2x more grease than other …

1 x Tub & Tile Cleaner Concentrate, 1 x Glass Cleaner Concentrate, 1 x Multi-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate
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6. Full Circle Tiny Team Mini Brush & Dustpan Set

product image

The award for cutest couple goes to (drumroll, please) the Full Circle Tiny Team Mini Brush & Dustpan Set. But don't let its good looks fool you — no job is too dirty, or too small, for this tiny team. From litterbox overflows in the mudroom to cereal spills in the pantry, this mini dustpan and brush makes a clean sweep of life's little messes. …

1 Set
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7. Seedling by Grove Germ Busting Set

product image
A bundle of our most loved and effective items for staying well.

Please note: In order to ensure that everyone in the Grove community has access to the essentials they need, we made the decision to limit purchase quantities for some of our high-demand items.
1 x All Purpose Antibacterial Spray, 1 x Paper Towel 2pk
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8. Mrs. Meyer's Cleaner Set

product image

Time for a cleaning overhaul? Meet this unstoppable trio: Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaner Set. The Cream Cleaner is your new go-to for tubs, stovetops, pots, and other surfaces infamous for their hard-to-scrub-away stains. Meanwhile, the Glass Cleaner leaves your glass surfaces streak-free, and the Vinegar Gel Cleaner works on your steel surfaces without …

Cream Cleaner - Glass Cleaner - Vinegar Gel Cleaner
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9. Mrs. Meyer's Compassion Flower Dish Washing Set

product image

Set your kitchen up for success with this Grove exclusive bundle, the Mrs. Meyer’s Compassion Flower Dish Washing Set. This Mrs. Meyer’s Compassion Flower dish soap works just as hard as all Mrs. Meyer’s products, but features a floral scent you won’t find anywhere else but right here at Grove. It’s matched up with our Grove Co. Replaceable Head …

Set of 2
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10. Grove Co. Sparkle and Suds Set

product image
Create magic in your home by embracing the beauty of winter with our limited edition collection that shines bright with festivity and cheer, celebrating joyful moments of giving and gathering. Available in limited quantities until sold out.

This bundle includes a selection of our community’s most …
1 x hand soap, 1 x hand soap dispenser
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11. method Method Specialty Cleaner Set

product image
The method Specialty Cleaner Set gives you the dream duo to tackle your most common spaces. A streak free mirror and a bedazzled dining room table are possible with method's mighty and fantastic smelling products.
1 Method Mint Glass Cleaner, 1 Method Daily Wood Cleaner
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12. Full Circle Power Couple Pan Scrapers - Set of 2

product image
This pair is ergonomically shaped to help cleaning feel less like a chore. It's meant to be comfortable enough to scrape off gunk and grime for as long as it takes. Our power couple is gentle on hands, stainless steel pots, and non-stick pans while tackling baked-on, caked-on messes like pros with corners that fit into all sorts of edges - from …
2 count
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13. Grove Co. Sink Caddy & Modern Stoneware Tray Set

product image
Sink storage streamlined! Replace the sink-side jumble with sink-side zen. Our caddy perfectly fits your sponge, dish brush and even has a hanging bar for your European dish cloth. Paired with our Modern Stoneware Tray, you can add in your hand or dish soap for some seriously streamlined (and stylish) storage!

Caddy dimensions: 4.7 inches x 5.7 …
1 x Sink Caddy, 1 x Modern Stoneware Tray
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14. Grove Co. Glass Spray Bottle Set + Free Gift

product image

A set of three of our signature plastic-eliminating Reusable Cleaning Spray Bottles, designed for our plastic-free cleaning concentrates. For a limited time, when you purchase 2 reusable cleaning spray bottles, receive 1 reusable cleaning spray bottle free!

Clean up without plastic-waste with our Reusable Cleaning …
16 Oz
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15. Grove Co. Clear the Air Toilet Spray

product image

Before you go, be prepared with this Grove Co. Clear the Air Toilet Spray. This air freshener spray for your toilet is made with natural fragrances to eliminate odors before you use the bathroom. It features an easy-to-use, push-down spray top and a cap on top. You can put it on the toilet in your home for your household or guests to use, or you …

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16. Grove Co. Stain Remover and Wrinkle Release Spray Set

product image
Save time and fight stains with our Wrinkle Release and Stain Spray duo. Complete with easy spray-on applications, these two laundry day essentials make your clothes look fresh-pressed and brand-new all over again.

Bundle Includes: one Stain Spray and one Wrinkle Release Spray.

P.S. These bottles are made with 80% Post Consumer Recycled …
1 x Wrinkle Release Spray, 1 x Stain Spray
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17. Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap

product image

Introducing the new Grove exclusive winter scent, Eucalyptus. With top notes of spearmint, peppermint, and citrus mixed with a hint of jasmine, eucalyptus, and iced vanilla, this newly released Mrs. Meyer's Eucalyptus Hand Soap is sure to please your senses. Packaged in a 12.5-ounce bottle, you won’t want to buy just one — stock up on this Mrs. …

1 count
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18. Mrs. Meyer's Multi Surface Spray

product image

Cool, crisp, and something that shouldn’t be missed — this may be one of the most intense scents from Mrs. Meyer’s yet. This Grove exclusive Mrs. Meyer's Multi-Surface Cleaner in Eucalyptus scent cleans your home while conjuring images of warming up indoors by the open fire while snow dusts an evergreen forest outside. This wintertime scent mixes …

1 count
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What do you give a neat freak?

If it's their birthday or Christmas, you get a neat freak the same thing you would give anyone else—a thoughtful gift that fits their character that they will treasure. A good book, a bottle of wine, or a day at the spa are all good gifts for a neat freak, as they would be for anyone else.

However, if you want to give a gift that highlights one's neat-freakish nature, we have a lot of good suggestions for you.

  • Plastic-free organizers and storage—any kind of organizer. Clothes, pens, dishes. It doesn't matter.
  • A label maker—neat freaks like to label stuff, so that everyone knows where everything goes.
  • A shelf—more storage means everything has one more place for it to go.
  • A portable cabinet of drawers
  • A day at the spa (or at least some new clean beauty items)—all this organizing can put a person on edge.

Which cleaner is most effective?

If you're looking for a natural, effective household cleaner, cleaning solutions that contain cleaning vinegar are the most popular eco-friendly option. Vinegar is an acid that cuts through most particles with ease while being great at killing germs.

However, there are a number of surfaces on which you should not use vinegar. Natural stone or granite countertops, fine metal cutlery, finished wood, and anything that's an antique are all surfaces that you should not use vinegar on.

Citrus-based cleaners are also quite effective. Citrus contains a natural solvent—as citrus is an acid, it works great at removing alkaline stains, such as limescale and rust. Citrus is also a natural antibacterial, leaving your home smelling fresh.

Both of these natural cleaners have similar capabilities, although vinegar has traditionally been the go-to for the toughest messes.

What do you give a germaphobe?

Since stylish hazmat suits have not yet been invented, we have to rely on products that make one's environment shiny and germ-free.

A germaphobe can't be at ease if they feel there is any level of harmful microbes in their environment. Since we want our friends and family to be at ease, it only makes sense that we give the germaphobes gifts that will help them relax.

The most harmful germs are most commonly spread through transference. This means the microorganisms cling to our hands when we touch a contaminated object. While on our hands, the germs multiply and form bigger colonies. Then, when we touch the next thing—like a door knob—some of those germs move from our hands to the object. There, they grow into their own colony of harmful germs, where the cycle starts again when the next person touches that door knob.

The best way to combat this cycle of germ transference is to kill those colonies while they are on our hands. When we wash or sanitize our hands, we cut off the supply of germs to our friends, family, and coworkers, while also better shielding ourselves from potential harm.

For this reason, the number-one gift for a germaphobe is hand soap or hand sanitizer.

What is Grove Collaborative?

At Grove, we take the guesswork out of which products are good for you and your home. Every product meets strict standards for being nontoxic, effective, sustainable, and cruelty-free. Once you find products you love, we ship to your home on a flexible, monthly schedule.

If you're ready to make the transition to natural cleaning, beauty, and household products, shop Grove Collaborative's natural products for the eco-friendly tools to tackle the job.

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