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9 most reliable Dr. Bronner's soaps, personal care & cleaning products.

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Dr. Bronner’s mixes the art of top-notch personal care with indulgent luxury — all wrapped up with certified organic ingredients. There’s nothing you can’t pronounce in any of these containers — and for good reason! If you can’t say it, you shouldn’t spray it (or wash with it — you get the idea).

With an impressive catalog ranging from soap to toothpaste, Dr. Bronner’s has something for even the pickiest eco-friendly enthusiast in your household. Ready to clean up your act? These products below are top-rated by actual Grove members so you’ll feel confident in the choices you’ve made for your family.

This list of products was determined by ratings and reviews from Grove members.

1. Dr. Bronner's All-Purpose Cleaner

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An all-purpose cleaner that really means for all purposes — this Dr. Bronner's All-Purpose Cleaner can tackle everything from doing laundry to mopping floors. It’s also a great option for households with pets and kids because it’s made with plant-based ingredients, including natural fir needle and spruce essential oils, and it’s dye-free, …

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2. Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

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With 150 years and five generations of family soap making embroidered in its brand history, it’s no wonder why families of today still turn to Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap 32 Oz for their homecare needs. Dr Bronner's castile soap ingredients are naturally derived and the soap is paraben-, soy-, nut-, sulfate-, and triclosan-free. It’s …

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3. Dr. Bronner's Organic Hand Sanitizer Spray

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Pop the top, spray, and stop germs dead in their tracks with this Dr. Bronner's Organic Hand Sanitizer Spray. Using a simple formula, this natural lavender hand sanitizer spray helps keep dirt and germs away without adding any harsh chemicals to your skin. It’s USDA organic, fair trade, biodegradable, paraben-free, triclosan-free, sulfate-free, …

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4. Dr. Bronner's Fair Trade & Organic Whole Kernel Virgin Coconut Oil

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From body and hair care to cooking and baking, this Dr. Bronner's Fair Trade & Organic Whole Kernel Virgin Coconut Oil has so many uses for your home. Keep it stocked in your pantry or bathroom for a quick go-to when you’re looking to add extra conditioning to your skin or hair, bake or cook with a healthy oil, or even to use it as a mouthwash to …

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5. Dr. Bronner's Fair Trade & Organic White Kernel Virgin Coconut Oil

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Dr. Bronner's Fair Trade & Organic White Kernel Virgin Coconut Oil is a multiuse all-star that's expeller-pressed from fresh, carefully dried coconut kernels whose brown inner skins have been removed. As versatile as it is delicious, this white kernel coconut oil with a mild aroma can be used for everything from stir-frying to baking to body care. …

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6. Dr. Bronner's Organic Sugar Soap

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A reminder that not all sweets are bad for you — this Dr. Bronner's Organic Sugar Soap is USDA Organic, biodegradable, paraben-free, nut-free, soy-free, sulfate-free, and triclosan-free — for a healthy option for washing your hair, hands, face, and body. Animal lovers (which most of us are) are happy to find out this Dr. Bronner's sugar soap is …

12 Oz
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7. Dr. Bronner's All-One Toothpaste

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Put your best smile forward with this Dr. Bronner's All-One Toothpaste. This Dr Bronner's toothpaste is USDA Organic, biodegradable, vegan, and Leaping Bunny–certified. It’s made in the US and helps freshen breath, fight plaque, and whiten teeth without the use of fluoride or sulfates. Plus, it comes in a 100-percent recyclable tube and box for an …

5 Oz
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8. Dr. Bronner's Organic Shaving Soap

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Go ahead and get a little closer. With Dr. Bronner's Organic Shaving Soap, a close, comfortable shave is just a razor swipe away. Certified to the strictest industry standards, this shaving soap is infused with organic ingredients that nourish and cleanse the skin. Organic shikakai powder from India and fair trade and organic sugar from Paraguay …

7 Oz
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9. Dr. Bronner's Organic Lotion

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Soak in all the perks of Dr. Bronner's Organic Lotion, like for example, the fact that this lotion is super moisturizing so all you need is a few squirts to use it on your whole body. This lotion should last you longer than other brands, and it’s made with organic jojoba, coconut, hemp, and avocado oils to smooth out even the driest of skin. It’s …

8 Oz
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What are the ingredients in Dr. Bronner's castile soap?

“Pure-castile soap” is splashed across the front of all Dr. Bronner’s soap bottles. But what is castile soap, and how is it different from other soaps? Many natural soaps are made from lard, tallow, or other forms of animal fat. Castile soaps are special because they’re made from plant oils — traditionally, olive oil. These days, you can find castile soap made from palm oil, coconut oil, hemp oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil –– Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid soap uses all five.

Learn more about Dr. Bronner’s All-One Magic Castile Soap from one of our own Grove writers who tested it out in several situations to see how it works.

Is Dr. Bronner's soap antibacterial?

Dr. Bronner’s soaps are not antibacterial, but they do contain natural ingredients that are antiseptic and antifungal for different cleansing needs. Try Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Castile Soaps for a high-powered natural antiseptic powerhouse that you can really sink your teeth into. We mean that literally, too — you can actually use Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap as toothpaste (or you can buy their branded toothpaste as well).

Antibacterial hand soaps (and hand sanitizers) have various chemicals you won’t find in regular or natural hand soaps. The purpose of these chemicals is to kill germs dead. And while they do kill bacteria with a fierce vengeance — including the good ones that benefit your skin and your health — they don’t deactivate viruses. Rather, it’s the soap itself that destroys the lipid membrane and disables the virus.

To learn more about why you don’t need antibacterial soap to get a good clean, read our guide: What’s the difference between antibacterial hand soap and natural hand soap?.

Is Dr. Bronner's soap good for body wash?

Sure thing! We recommend the castile soap for this, because it’s cost-effective since it can be used as body wash, laundry detergent, and 16 other things … plus it’s good for you. What more could you want? It’s like hot sauce – you can put that stuff on everything. Once again, this is due to the fact castile soap is made from plant oils – so it doesn’t contain anything icky that would make your skin crawl. It’s even gentle enough to use on kids, babies, and pets.

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