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5 best dishwasher tablets to make your dishes shine.

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The 21st century has brought us many wonderful innovations — YouTube, smartphones, same day delivery, and now — dishwasher tablets. These mighty cleaners offer a world of convenience in one cute little package, plus each pod has more concentrated cleaning power than liquid detergents. Tabs get your dishes super clean without leaving behind the residue that’s so common with liquid detergents — and they require less water than their liquid counterparts, so they’re good for the environment, too!

But with so many to choose from, how do you know which brand of dishwasher tablets will get your pots, pans, and cups the absolute cleanest? Have no fear, Grove is here! We’ve lined up a few of the best dishwasher detergent tablets that’ll make your dishes shine so you can pick your new fav and get on with your day.

This list of products was determined by ratings and reviews from Grove members.

1. Grove Co. Pure Power Dishwasher Detergent Packs - Multiple Scents

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Extra strength dishwashing soap packs formulated with rinse aid to eliminate 48-hour baked-on food and stains from dirty dishes.

    Our Pure Power Dishwasher Detergent Packs performs just as well as a leading national brand in stain removal.* Just pop one pack in your dishwasher …

18 packs
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2. Grove Co. Total Clean Dishwasher Detergent Packs

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These Grove Co. Total Clean Dishwasher Detergent Packs are proven to powerfully eliminate grease and stubborn food stains better than leading national brands.*

They use a triple-action enzyme formula to effortlessly remove grease and food stains without leaving behind troublesome water spots. These dishwasher pods are made with plant-based …

20 packs
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3. Mrs. Meyer's Dishwasher Tabs

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“I like doing the dishes," said no one ever. Escape the dreadful feeling that comes with dishwashing by hand and make cleaning dishes and utensils easier than ever before. Just simply place one of these Mrs. Meyer's Dishwasher Tabs into your dishwasher’s soap cup, and stand by as the missus gets to work. Sparkling dishes, flatware, and glasses …

12.7 Oz, 20 Count
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4. Seventh Generation Dishwasher Detergent Packs

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The package of these Seventh Generation Auto Dish Packs (20ct) boasts a "powerful clean," and that’s because its enzyme-rich formula is tough on crusted food particles and dried-on sauces to make sure your dishware is clean enough to eat off of the next time around. This dish packs auto cleaner is also chlorine-free, phosphate-free, and …

12.6 Oz, 20 Count
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5. Seventh Generation Power+ Dishwasher Detergent Packs

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For those of us better known to pile up dishes in the sink and then make time for them later, these Seventh Generation Ultra Power Plus Dishwasher Detergent Packs - 43 count can make life a little bit easier. This dual-action cleaning formula can power away tough stains and stuck-on food that’s been there up to two whole days (48 hours to be …

43 tabs
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Can you put dishwasher tablets in the shower?

You definitely could, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. Dishwasher tablets are powerful cleaners, but they’re made to work in tiny spaces, aka your dishwasher, and only cover a small surface area.

But if the in-laws are coming for the weekend and you’ve suddenly run out of bathroom cleaner, head to the kitchen, and grab your bag of dishwasher tabs. It’ll take a few of ‘em to get your shower mother-in-law ready — and you’ll probably spend way more time scrubbing than you would with a regular shower cleaner — but they get the job done if you’re in a pinch!

Get your bathroom in tiptop shape with our Clean Team’s bathroom cleaning guides. We’ve got hacks for cleaning the tub, the toilet,the shower head, and your shower curtain (because honestly, who knows how to clean a shower curtain?).

Can you clean oven racks with dishwasher tablets?

Oven racks get really gross. It’s a fact of life that the minute the oven door closes, those crusty racks magically disappear from your mind until the next time you pop open the oven and see the disaster lurking inside. We’ve got an easy method to clean your oven racks with dishwasher tablets. It might sound a little strange, but trust us — it works.

Take your racks out of the oven, and wrap them in foil. Yes, foil. Place an old towel on the bottom of your bathtub to protect the surface, then place the wrapped racks on top. Toss in a couple of dishwasher cleaning tablets, and cover the racks with hot water. Let ‘em soak overnight, and in the morning, unwrap your racks and give them a good wipe down with a microfiber scrubber. Rinse, dry, and replace.

Did you know you can clean your oven door with dishwasher tabs, too? Just dissolve one of your dish pods in a cup of warm water, and dip a microfiber cloth or scrub brush, in the soapy liquid. Scrub the glass and door, then wipe it down with a damp cloth. Done!

Can you use dishwasher tablets to wash clothes?

Generally, cleaners are made for specific purposes, and the ingredients in certain products could have dire consequences for surfaces and materials those ingredients aren’t intended for. What we’re saying is, the stuff in dishwasher pods that gets your plates and bowls clean is too harsh for your band tees and Lululemon leggings.

What dishwasher tablets can do is clean the drum of your washing machine. After you’ve finished doing a load of laundry and your washing machine is empty, toss in a dishwasher tab and set it to a hot cycle. All the dirt and grime hanging out in your washing machine will get pulled out and rinsed away, leaving your washer sparkly clean and ready for another load of laundry.

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