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5 best bleach alternatives & color-safe bleach products.

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Every day that we convince someone to switch to more eco-friendly products in their homes is a good day for us, and when it comes to kicking chlorine bleach out of our laundry rooms and homes, we say, “Which foot should we use?” Color-safe bleaches and other bleach alternatives are way better for the planet and for you. Did you know chlorine bleach, even when just used in the laundry, can permanently damage skin tissue over time? That's why switching to a more natural bleach alternative may be better for your whole familly.

From brands like Molly’s Suds and grab green, check out our list of the best bleach alternatives and color-safe bleach products and start doing things a little differently day by day.

This list of products was determined by ratings and reviews from Grove members.

1. grab green Bleach Alternative

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From your kids’ sports practice clothing to your dog's bedding, tough stains don’t stand a chance with grab green Bleach Alternative. This naturally derived bleach alternative gives you the power of real bleach without the toxic chemicals like chlorine, optical brighteners, dyes, and phosphates. It’s an easy laundry add-in that’ll help keep your …

16 oz
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2. Molly's Suds Oxygen Whitener

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This natural bleach alternative doesn’t only whiten and brighten in the laundry room — it has stain-lifting properties all over your home! Here are a couple of our favorite additional uses for Oxygen Whitener. Extra carpet cleaning power! Add a scoop of Oxygen Whitener to the water compartment of your carpet cleaner for extra brightening power. …

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3. method Laundry Booster - Whites

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Let's face it — sometimes we could all use a little boost — even your laundry. That's where method Laundry Booster – Whites comes in. Packed with thoughtful ingredients, this laundry booster can really give your next laundry load that extra lift it needs to brighten your day. This booster works, with plant-based stain-lifting power, in harmony with …

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4. Meliora Stain Remover Stick

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Simple, plastic-free way to remove stubborn stains from your linens and clothes! This product is known to be effective enough to save full loads of toddler laundry and get mildew out of shower curtains.
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5. Seventh Generation 3-in-1 Laundry Oxy Booster Packs

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Meet Seventh Generation’s Oxy Booster Packs—your laundry’s new best friend. Our packs fight tough stains and get your clothes back to looking great. Plus, they’re easy to use so there’s no mess and no spills. Just toss one pack in with each load with Seventh Generation laundry soap, then let its incredible 3-in-1 formula do the rest. Your family …

17.6 Oz, 25 Loads
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What is bleach alternative?

Bleach alternative and color-safe bleach are substitutes you can use in your own home in place of regular, traditional chlorine bleach. A bleach alternative laundry product will still help you get rid of stains and help get your whites their brightest, but it’s a more sustainable option as it’s made with biodegradable ingredients that are healthier for those in your home and for the environment, too. Nowadays, there are plenty of bleach alternatives out there to choose from, and if you’re looking to switch to one from a chlorine bleach, we can recommend a few to try. Check our list above of the best bleach alternatives and color-safe bleach products.

If you’re still a little confused when it comes to the difference between regular bleach and bleach alternatives, read our article, What to know about non-chlorine or oxygen bleach, where our Senior Director of Science Formulation breaks down the differences.

Does color-safe bleach disinfect?

Actually, here’s the bad news for those of you hoping that color-safe bleach disinfects — it doesn’t. Even the best color-safe bleaches won’t disinfect like chlorine bleaches do because they feature different active ingredients in their formulation process. Many people right now are looking for bleaches that claim they’ll kill viruses, and that’s not always the case with every product, especially ones that stay away from using harsh chemicals.

If you’re looking for a color-safe bleach alternative laundry product that’s tough on stains but gentle on you and your household, try this grab green Bleach Alternative that’s made by a women-owned business and is sure to stand up against all types of stains from wine spills to mud left over after soccer-practice drills. For even more options, check out our list of the best bleach alternatives and color-safe bleach products above.

Is color-safe bleach as effective as regular bleach?

Is color-safe bleach as effective as regular bleach? We sure like to think so, but it really depends on the brand. Keep in mind, yes, most are just as effective as traditional chlorine bleach. The main difference is chlorine will also disinfect where color-safe bleaches will not. Color-safe bleaches don’t contain the harsh chemicals though, so they are better for your home and the environment, making them the eco-friendly option.

Take a look at our article, We tried it: Switching to oxygen bleach. We'll show you how both the grab green Bleach Alternative and the Molly’s Suds Oxygen Whitener work on certain items, from stuffed animals who have been really loved to button-up shirts that have a sweat stain (or two).

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