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The 9 Best Baby Vitamins and Supplements for Pregnancy and Beyond.

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One of the most important times of your life — and possibly the most important one — is when you find out you're pregnant. Every mom wants the best for her child, and that starts right at the beginning with managing your health properly during pregnancy. From exercising and eating right, to making sure you're taking the proper vitamins and supplements for you and baby, your actions can make a big difference for your baby's health now and later on, too.

To help guide you on your path to a healthy and happy pregnancy — and a great first start for baby — we've featured our favorite prenatal, baby, infant, and toddler vitamins and supplements for a must-have list to last you through pregnancy and beyond. You'll find everything from folic acid–packed prenatal vitamins to infant probiotics to soothe even the youngest of tummies. Plus, for new moms that need an extra hand prepping your home before baby, check out our baby safety guide for new parents.

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1. Lovebug Prenatal Probiotic - Tummy Soothe Blend

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Feel your best throughout your pregnancy! LoveBug’s Prenatal Probiotic formula is specifically designed with the most important probiotic strains for mom during pregnancy and a blend of natural herbs to help soothe mom’s tummy from those dreaded pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and heartburn.

After your baby’s birth, get postpartum …

30 ct
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2. New Chapter New Chapter 35+ One Daily Prenatal, 30 Count

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Pregnant after 35, or planning to be?
Meet the NEW prenatal multi created just for you! New Chapter’s prenatal vitamin 35+ is crafted with higher levels+ of essential high-quality vitamins and minerals to nourish baby and you. Includes cognitive-supporting Methylfolate & Choline, gentle non-constipating Iron, and a clinical dose of Ginger for …

30 Count
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3. New Chapter Advanced Perfect Prenatal Healthy Pregnancy & Fetal Development

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Getting ready for baby means much more than buying their bassinet sheets and cute little newborn outfits. Prepare for the most important aspects of motherhood by starting this New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Healthy Pregnancy & Fetal Development supplement before or as soon as you find out you’re pregnant. This prenatal vitamin is made with certified …

96 Count
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4. HONU "Oh Baby" Prenatal Multivitamin

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A prenatal multivitamin with 20+ vital nutrients for mom and baby, packed into easy-to-swallow softgels.

    Oh Baby offers 20+ essential nutrients for mom and baby, including fish oil rich in DHA omega-3 fatty acids and folic acid to support baby’s brain development, plus calcium, vitamin K, and magnesium to support …

90 count
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5. SmartyPants Organic Prenatal Formula

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Growing a human is serious business, and SmartyPants Organic Prenatal Formula provides your body — and your developing baby — with over 13 premium nutrients in one supplement for nutrient support prior to, during, and post-pregnancy. Just one daily serving of four delicious, USDA Certified Organic, and AVA Certified Vegetarian gummies delivers key …

120 gummies
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6. Lovebug Baby Probiotics - 6-12 Months - Powder

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Tummy time takes on an entirely new meaning when it comes to your baby's gut health. LoveBug’s Organic Baby Probiotic prioritizes your baby's health with 4 Billion CFU and 5 targeted strains, including the #1 most clinically studied strain, L. rhamnosus GG and the super strain for babies, B. infantis. Things like colic, gas, fussiness, chronic …

30 Count
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7. Lovebug Infant Probiotics - 0-6 Months - Powder

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Formulated for newborns and infants up to 6 months old, this Lovebug Tiny Tummies Daily Probiotic 0-6 Months is designed to give your baby a healthy start. Each daily probiotic packet contains three critical probiotic strains to help your baby develop a strong digestive system. Plus, added prebiotics support your little one’s delicate immune …

30 Count
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8. Lovebug Baby Probiotic Drops - Organic

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Bolster your baby's microbiome and support your child's immune system with the six clinically studied probiotic strains in Lovebug Baby Probiotic Drops Mamma's Secret Sauce. We all want to give our children everything they need, so if your infant is suffering from colic, gas, or constipation, these probiotic drops are just what you and your little …

30 Doses
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9. Lovebug Toddler Probiotics - 12 Months - 4 Yrs - Powder

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Tummy time takes on an entirely new meaning when it comes to your child's gut health. Lovebug Tiny Tummies Daily Probiotic 12 Months-4 Years prioritizes your baby's health with eight targeted strains, including the number-one, clinically studied strain, L. rhamnosus GG and the super strain for babies, B. infantis. Tiny Tummies probiotic packets are …

30 Count
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Which multivitamin is best for babies?

It's super important to remember that before giving anything to your baby, you always (always!) check with their pediatrician first, but also keep in mind that most babies shouldn't need a multivitamin before six months of age. Your baby's doctor will be able to tell you what type of vitamins they may need and how soon to start them. Every baby is different and has different needs, so what you may have done with your first child may not be the same thing your next child needs when the time comes.

Whether your baby needs a multivitamin can depend heavily on whether they're breastfed or formula fed. When your baby is breast fed, your baby can absorb and use the nutrients better than if they are formula fed. Again, it's best to talk with your options with your doctor before starting a new routine with your baby. If you need help finding other items for baby, see our list of the 25 best natural baby products for your family.

What supplements should I give my baby?

Your baby may need to take supplements, however, never start a new supplement for your baby without okaying it with their pediatrician first. Each baby has specific needs based on their specific situation. Some babies, especially those who have newborn anemia may need to take more iron than other babies, or formula-fed babies who aren't drinking enough formula, may need a vitamin D supplement to get their substantial dose so they can stay healthy and keep growing strong.

Another reason supplements might be needed for baby is if you're baby is colicky after feeding. This can happen to both breastfed and formula-fed babies; however, if it's consistent, you may need to start them on an infant or baby probiotic supplement. Your child's doctor will always know what's best for them and can guide you in the right direction. Other supplements you can ask your baby's pediatrician about aside from iron, vitamin D, and probiotics, are vitamins B12 and fluoride.

What is the best brand of prenatal vitamins to take?

Although we can't say which brand of prenatal vitamins is the best, we can say there are a lot of great brands out there that can be there for you before and during your pregnancy. If you know you're trying to conceive, it's a great idea to start your choice of prenatal vitamins right away, and if your pregnancy is a surprise, make sure to start as soon as you find out your pregnant. Doctors prefer their patients start their prenatal vitamins about one month before pregnancy to make sure they have the nutrients they need for growing a healthy baby.

If you're wondering what to look for in a prenatal vitamin, you can always check in with your OBGYN, or you may want to check out that whichever one you've chosen includes the following items:

  • Iron
  • Folic acid
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B6
  • Zinc
  • Naicin
  • Riboflavin (vitamin B2)

If you're already pregnant, see our list of the 22 best pregnancy-safe deodorants, too.

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